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KWPN-NA Inspections

Every September the KWPN-NA organizes and holds its inspections throughout the U.S. and Canada. The KWPN-NA has a license agreement with the KWPN and operates from its own office in the state of Oregon.

Young and mature horses are evaluated by a judging committee led by a KWPN inspector. The jury looks at foals, yearlings and two-year olds for premium grading, as well as horses three and older for acceptance into the studbook. There are also performance classes such as the IBOP, the DG Bar Cup for young dressage horses and the Claybrook Farms Cup free jumping competition for young jumpers and hunters. In addition to the Riding type horses, Gelders and harness horses are also judged.

To award breeders of horses bred and born in North America, Iron Spring Farm sponsors the Keuring Championship Awards, These awards will distribute prize money and recognize the Champion and Reserve Champion Foal and Mature Horses (3-7 year-old stallion, mare or gelding) in each of the breeding directions—dressage, jumpers, hunters, harness and Gelders.

Depending on interest in attending an inspection, the KWPN-NA office, Jury and Board of Directors decide the dates and locations of the inspections across the states and provinces of the U.S. and Canada. Inspections are open to eligible KWPN horses and those registered with an ‘Erkend’ studbook, that are owned by KWPN-NA members.

Different from inspections in Holland is that it is possible to present foals through 2-year olds, mares and geldings for studbook and predicates, as well as the initial inspection of stallions for approval – plus performance classes such as the IBOP for keur or the IBOP predicate, the DG Bar Cup (comparable to the Pavo Cup) and the Claybrook Farms Cup – at the same location on the same day. In effect it is possible for a prok mare to be accepted into the studbook, earn her ster predicate, become keur eligible (voorlopig keur) and pass her IBOP at one keuring – thereby going from foalbook to Elite in one day.

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