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Studbook Inspections

The KWPN holds its mare inspections every summer. The inspections are open to all mares, the year they turn age three. Also older mares may be presented. The
inspections are open to all mares recorded in the Foal Book or Register A of
the KWPN, and mares that are – as a foal – registered with a KWPN-acknowledged
studbook. Inspections provide breeders with a professional assessment of their
mares and the opportunity to compare their horses with others of the same age.
Mares are evaluated on conformation, movement, and jumping (if applicable) and
are presented both in-hand and free movement/jumping. Deficiencies and/or
abnormalities, if evident, are noted. This evaluation information is of
particular interest to those planning to use their mares for breeding. The best
mares qualify for the Central Inspection, which is held in all Dutch provinces.
Judges also decide here which mares may advance to the ‘Nationale Merriekeuring’,
an annual event held in conjunction with the KWPN Horses Days.

Linear Scoring

Studbook inspection after dressage/jumping test:

A young horse will be judged by the KWPN inspector on their performance during their test. After the dressage test or jumping course the horse has to be shown at the studbook inspection.
During the studbook inspection the horse will be examined at conformation, in walk and in trot. The horse will be shown in-hand on hard surface.

If the horse meets the designated requirements for conformation and the horse scores enough points during their test, the horse can be registered and upgraded from Foalbook (VB) to Studbook (STB) and in case of performing in excellent level even receive the ‘Ster’ predicate.

In the dressage test horses will be judged by our inspector for their movement. They receive points for the walk, trot, canter and posture. These points will give an average overall dressage point.
At the jumping course horses will be judged by our inspector for their jumping ability. They receive points for:  canter, reflexes, technique and scope. The average of these point will give an overall jumping point.

For the ‘Ster’ predicate the horse should score at least 70 points for conformation and at least 75 points for their overall dressage/jumping point.