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The KWPN (Studbook of the Royal Dutch Sport Horse) is a Netherlands-based organization specializing in the breeding of jumpers, dressage horses, harness horses, and Gelder horses. Performance, durability, and attractive conformation are the most important  actors on which the international success of the Dutch horse is based. The quality of the KWPN horse is renowned and praised worldwide. With 22.000 members and approximately 10.000 new foals each year, the KWPN is one of the largest sporthorse studbooks in the world and a very successful one. For years, the KWPN has held a top position in the studbook rankings of the international umbrella breeding organization, the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses (WBFSH). This distinction means that Dutch- bred horses routinely achieve exceptional success in international equestrian sports.

The KWPN Horse
The Royal Dutch Sport Horse is a Dutch-bred sporthorse with international appeal. It is willing, fearless, physically and mentally strong, and bred to perform at the highest level. It is also reliable, easy to handle, and pleasing to the eye. Because of the KWPN’s planned breeding policy, the KWPN horse possesses a sound mind in a sound body. The  combination of sport aptitude and an uncomplicated temperament make these horses unique and very popular at all levels of equestrian sport and breeding. Royal Dutch Sport Horses perform under top riders at Grand Prix level in international show jumping and dressage, but many are purchased by breeders, amateur riders, and horse enthusiasts in the Netherlands and abroad.

From Farm Workhorse to Olympic Champion
The KWPN is a modern association with a rich history. It was founded at a time when the horse was valued exclusively for its pulling power. That practical function has long since been replaced by others. Nowadays, the Royal Dutch Sport Horse represents a completely different set of values: the ability to impress enthusiasts around the world with top performances in show jumping, dressage, and spectacular driving events. With the original farm workhorse as the starting point, four different breeding directions emerged over the years, each with its own breeding goal and breeding council. Depending on its bloodlines, conformation, and abilities, a KWPN horse is registered as a jumper, dressage horse, harness horse, or Gelder horse. This last type has remained closest to the common foundation horse and has proven to be the most versatile under saddle as well as in harness.

World-Class Sport and Hobby

With complete conviction and enthusiasm, the KWPN strives to achieve its goal: to breed modern sporthorses that perform at the top level of international equestrian sports. Likewise, it aims to breed healthy horses that happily and easily do what is expected of them. Achieving this goal has made the KWPN a worldwide name. However, the KWPN does not focus exclusively on world-class sport; after all, most riders do not have the ambition or opportunity to actively participate in equestrian sports as professionals. Therefore, the KWPN also considers facilitation of suitable matches between the large population of amateur owners and their horses a very important task. For this reason, the temperament of the Royal Dutch Sport Horse is just as important as its sport talent because ultimately everyone prefers a good, willing horse.


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