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For years, Dutch-bred horses have dominated international horse shows. Week after week, riders from around the world win competitions with their KWPN horses. The KWPN works hard to keep its members current on the achievements of its horses through media including and the online magazine KWPN International, with articles on sporthorse breeding.

KWPN members receive numerous benefits including:

• A subscription to the digital KWPN International magazine, filled with informative articles on breeding and sport;
• The opportunity to participate in KWPN activities including inspections, ability tests, and competitions;
• The option to register home-bred horses;
• Complimentary online advertising of horses/foals for sale at KWPN Marketplace;
• Access to MY KWPN, for tracking horses bred by and/or registered to members;
• Access to the KWPN Horse Database;
• Full access to the KWPN Stallion Database, which contains extensive information on all stallions approved or recognized by the KWPN;
• Discounts on admission tickets to KWPN Stallion Show and various other discounts.

Holders of a Dutch bank account or post bank number may set up an auto-pay account by completing the below form, in which case the start-up fee of € 11,15 will be waived. If you do not have a Dutch bank account, you may pay by credit card or bankgiro. Please refer to the instructions enclosed with your invoice if paying by credit card or bankgiro.

Please note
According to our articles of association, the financial year starts January 1st and ends December 31st. Anyone wishing to resign membership of the KWPN or KWPN International magazine for the following year must submit their application in writing before the 1st of December of the preceding year. If this written notice is not received before the 1st of December, your membership will be automatically prolonged and you are obliged to pay the contribution for the following year.

Cancel a Membership
If you wish to cancel your KWPN membership, you may do so at the end of the calendar year by notifying us in writing no later than 30 November. Cancellation requests may be submitted by post to KWPN, P.O. Box 156, 3840 AD, Harderwijk, Netherlands, or by e-mail to (Please include your membership number.) Alternatively, you may cancel your membership online by completing the form in MY KWPN. Once we receive your request, we will send you a confirmation notice by post or e-mail at the beginning of the following month. Your membership will remain active until you receive this confirmation notice. If we receive your cancellation request after 30 November 2017, your KWPN membership will be extended through 31 December 2018.

For more information, please e-mail or call the KWPN Information Desk at +31 (0) 341 25 55 55. Our staff is at your service!