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KWPN Center

In 2013, the KWPN opened the doors of its new center on the grounds of the KNHS, the Dutch Equestrian Federation, located at De Beek 109 in Ermelo. Completion of the project signified the achievement of two long-standing goals: to develop a center by and for KWPN breeders and to facilitate closer cooperation with equestrian sport. After all, breeding and sport are visibly and inextricably bound with one another; they are the heart of equestrian Netherlands.

The KWPN Center is of the membership and for the membership. With the Center now complete, the performance test for stallions and the EPTM test for mares are conducted fully under KWPN management. In addition, the Center is home to new events and activities designed to promote horse sales, with Ermelo conveniently serving  as a meeting place for breeders and KWPN horse enthusiasts from abroad. Of course, the highpoint event of the Center is the annual KWPN Horse Days.

The new facility includes 42 spacious (3.5m x 4m), bright and airy stalls, each fitted with a window opening to the outside. The front of each stall has a built-in locker for storing tack. In addition, several dedicated grooming areas and wash racks ensure the horses’ daily care takes place under safe and proper conditions. The 14m x 24m indoor arena provides sufficient space for activities such as longing, free-jumping/movement, and starting horses under saddle. Under the same roof is an enclosed horse-walker, which can accommodate up to four horses at a time; and several outdoor paddocks are available for turn-out. Prins Willem Alexanderhal, the 25m x 60m indoor arena which the KWPN has taken over from the KNHS, has been renovated. Renovations include new footing, skylights, and a new roof fitted with a large center skylight spanning the length of the arena.

Below is an overview of KWPN Center amenities:
–          42 stalls
–          1 quarantine stall
–          14m x 24m indoor arena for turning out, longing, and starting horses under saddle
–          25m x 60m indoor arena (Prins Willem Alexander-hal)
–          Horse exerciser with space for 4 horses
–          Several dedicated grooming areas/wash racks
–          Tackroom
–          Jury meeting room
–          Canteen for grooms and riders
–          Sleeping quarters for grooms
–          Veterinary office
–          Laundry facilities
–          Feed storage room
–          Feed silos

Construction of additional KNHS amenities is expected to be complete in mid-April/May 2014, at which time the new KNHS Center and KWPN Center will celebrate their grand opening together.

KWPN Office Hours
Monday – Thursday from 08:30 – 16:30 hours
Friday from 08:30 – 15:00 hours

Contact Foreign Affairs & Sales Promotion
To learn more about the KWPN horse or options for purchasing a KWPN horse, please contact the KWPN Foreign Affairs & Sales Promotion department. Visitors are always welcome!
Phone: + 31 341 255 514