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KWPN in Australia

australiaKWPN has expanded its representation wider and now has an official representative also in Australia! Australia is home to an active group of KWPN breeders and for the benefit of this group, the KWPN is seeking to organize various activities in Australia such as inspections and educational sessions.

The KWPN is planning to travel to Australia to conduct inspections which are open to its members and their horses. These inspections provide an opportunity for KWPN mares to be registered in the studbook and for foals, yearlings, and two-year-olds to be evaluated by professional inspectors. Foals can be directly registered into KWPN during the inspection tour as well!

To justify bringing over a KWPN inspector, there will need to be sufficient number of foals and/or mares to inspect. However we are looking to begin arranging these KWPN inspection tours in Australia as an annual event. So please contact the official KWPN Representative in Australia to express your interest in the inspection tour for 2017!

Unfortunately there has not been enough interest to justify the KWPN inspection tour 2017 in Australia . Nevertheless our Australian representatives are always available to answer any of your questions regarding future tours or foal registrations for 2017. Don’t hesitate to contact us!


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Representative at the KWPN office:
Anni Lahti Tel: +31 341 255 513 or

Do you want to speak to someone in Australia? Our Australian representative is:
Case Wientjens  Tel: 0413 649 972 or email: