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KWPN in the UK

The United Kingdom is home to an active group of KWPN breeders. For the benefit of this group, the KWPN organizes various activities in the UK, such as inspections, competitions, and educational sessions.

Every summer, the KWPN travels to the UK to conduct inspections which are open to its members and their horses. These inspections provide an opportunity for KWPN mares to be registered in the studbook and for foals, yearlings, and two-year-olds to be evaluated by professional inspectors.

In addition, the KWPN has organized a Pavo Cup pre-selection at the international dressage show in Hartpury since 2012. This selection provides an opportunity for horses based in the UK to qualify for the Pavo Cup semi-final in Ermelo without leaving their home country.

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Inspections in the UK

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All questions about registrations, memberships and general studbook information, please call directly to the KWPN UK number:

KWPN UK 01392 914091

Representatives at the KWPN office and questions about UK inspections:
Anni Lahti and Rianka Hazeleger: +31 341 255 513 or

Do you want to speak to someone in the UK? Our UK representative is:
Edward Bleekman (Devon): 07785574157