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Breeding a foal

Choosing the right stallion to breed to your mare is a complex decision. Fortunately, we can help you in your decision-making process. The KWPN employs numerous professionals with expertise in bloodlines, who can provide you with breeding recommendations. In addition, we offer the KWPN Stallion Database, an online catalog of available KWPN-approved and KWPN-recognized stallions. The database contains extensive background information on KWPN stallions, as well as contact information for stallion keepers and availability of fresh or frozen semen.

Breeding & Foal Registration
Stallion keepers in the Netherlands must register breedings with the KWPN but are not required to report sales of semen. If you purchased semen from a KWPN-approved stallion and wish to register your foal with the KWPN, you can either ask the Dutch stallion keeper to report the breeding to us or you can contact us directly.

To record the breeding in MY KWPN, you must pay the applicable registration fee in order to report the subsequent birth of the foal. It is important to report the breeding at your earliest convenience. Doing so ensures that the breeding will be recorded and allows you to register the foal through MY KWPN once it is born.

No registration fee is collected for barren mares, provided we receive notification before September 30. A statement from the respective stallion keeper or the attending veterinarian is required for this purpose.

Breeding Certificate or Birth Declaration from Another Studbook
If your mare has a breeding certificate or birth declaration from another studbook and you wish to register your foal with the KWPN next year, please send the original document to the following address: KWPN, P.O. Box 156, 3840 AD, Harderwijk, Netherlands. Upon receipt of the document, we will record your mare’s breeding so that you can register the foal through MY KWPN once it is born.

How to Register Your Foal Through MY KWPN
Foals should be registered through MY KWPN once they are born. After completing this process, we will e-mail you with a request for information.

How to register your foal through MYKWPN

Inspections in the United Kingdom
Breeders based in the United Kingdom are welcome to participate in the inspections we offer in their country. Benefits of these inspections include complimentary on-site foal sketching and mane sample collection for DNA testing. Foals which are accepted into the Foal Book are exempt from DNA testing.

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