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Passport Registration

Each horse needs a passport: this is obligated by law. Each horse must also be chipped according to the European law.
On July 1, 2009, the new European regulation for Identification & Registration has taken effect. For most horse keepers this has no great impact. The most important difference is that all passports must include the chapter ‘Medical treatment’, which states if the horse is destined for human consumption after slaughtering. Passports which have been issued after 2003 already have this chapter; most of the KWPN-passports issued after the middle of 2000 have it as well. When you are in doubt, please check your passport.
Horse keepers who still have a passport without the medical appendix must apply for a new passport in order to comply with the regulations. Please fill in this form and send it back to our office.

Passport Request Form 2014

Full Passports
Some equine passports become full over time and require additional pages for documenting requirements such as vaccinations. You may request additional pages if the following passport sections are full: section III (ownership), section IV (identification), section V (vaccinations against Equine Influenza), section VI (vaccinations against diseases other than Equine Influenza), section VII (laboratory tests), or part III of section IX (veterinary treatments).
The KWPN submits requests for additional pages to the agency which issued the original passport. Requests for passports issued in the Netherlands are processed easily. If a request submitted to an agency in another European Union Member State or third country cannot be processed or is not possible, the request may be submitted to a Dutch passport issuing agency.
Please note that processing may not be possible if the address of the passport issuing agency in another membership cannot be located, or the agency does not have a policy that can be carried out, or the agency has no policy with respect to full passports.

Requesting Additional Passport Pages
To request additional passport pages, please complete and mail the form below and the full passport to the KWPN. Upon receipt of the completed form and full passport, the KWPN will confirm that at least one of the sections listed above is full. If available pages in the passport are found, your request will not be processed. Passports that meet the stated requirements will be bound with additional pages.
Requests made to the KWPN for additional pages for passports issued by an agency in another European Union Member State membership or third country must include a declaration stating that a request was submitted to that agency but additional passport pages were not obtained. The declaration must include the reason why the request was not carried out. The KWPN cannot process requests without this declaration.
The additional pages are for passport pages 6 – 49 (which includes all sections except I and II). They are bound in a cover together with the original full passport. This format, in principal, applies to additional pages for passports issued by agencies in another membership or third country. However, if additional pages cannot be bound to the original passport because of its size or method of binding, a second passport will be issued. Both the second and the original full passport must accompany the horse they identify.
To request additional passport pages, please complete and print out the form below and attach the full passport. You may submit requests for additional pages for several passports at the same time. We recommended sending these documents by registered mail.

Rates list

Request for Extra Passport Pages

  • Both KWPN members and non-members may use this form to request extra passport pages, if their horse's passport is full.

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  • Please click "send" to request extra passport pages for the above-named horse(s). You will receive a confirmation e-mail, which should be printed. Send the printed confirmation and passport to: KWPN, P.O. Box 156, 3840 AD Harderwijk, Netherlands (Attn: Extra passport pages). The KWPN strongly recommends sending passports by registered mail.