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Sales Service

For those of you who would like to orient on buying a KWPN horse, the KWPN offers a lot of possibilities. There are competitions throughout the year, evaluations and auctions where KWPN horses can be seen in full action and where they are sold. Examples of these events are the KWPN Stallion Show with the KWPN Select Sale, the elite auction for promising young stallions and various elite KWPN foal auctions. In 2013 the first issue of the KWPN Eventinghorse Sale at Military Boekelo was a huge success. The KWPN is also present at international top events to promote KWPN horses there.

For interested people from abroad, the Netherlands is a nice and well-arranged destination; thanks to the fine infrastructure it is possible to come and see a large number of horses in a relatively short period of time. Throughout the year there are elite foal auctions and riding horse auctions on different locations in the country. On top of that the Netherlands is home to a large number of breeders, training- and trading stables for KWPN horses, where you can get much information about the supply.
Potential buyers and people who are interested can request support of the department of Marketing and Communications; our employees are happy to advise you on the many possibilities and will help you with finding the right contacts for you in the Netherlands to find the horse you want.

More information?
Do you have any questions about the KWPN horse or do you want more information about the possibilities of buying a KWPN horse? Please contact the department of Marketing and Communications,

Transport of Horses
Horse owners are confronted with numerous import, export and transit regulations – a veritable ‘jungle’ of rules in which one can easily lose one’s way. Our partner Horse Service International (HSI) helps horses and their owners find their way through this jungle. If you are looking for a reliable company to transport your newly bought horse to your home country, we suggest you to contact HSI. Since 1991 this company has specialized in stable-to-stable transport and handling of horses to any national, international or intercontinental destination by road and air. Besides transporting the animals, they also take care of all the required customs formalities and veterinary health certificates and supervise any blood tests that may be required.

For more information, please visit their website:

Picture: Jacob Melissen