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Transfer of Registered Party

You have bought a KWPN-horse and you would like to be registered as the Registered Party. The individual registered as Registered Party of the horse is mentioned on the studbook paper and in the horse-passport. You are mentioned as ‘Registered Party’ in these documents, but not as the owner, because ‘owner’ suggests that the document is a title deed. This is not the case for either the studbook paper or the horse-passport.
If you would like to participate in KWPN-events, such as inspections and performance tests, but also for the registration of covering of mares and foals it is necessary to have the horse registered to your name.

If you are a KWPN member, you can have both documents registered on your name.

Not member
If you are not a member, you can only have the horse-passport registered to your name. See our rates list for the costs for the transfer of the registered party, for both KWPN-members and non-members. KWPN-members receive a discount for the transfer of a registered party.
To have the registration paper and/or the horse-passport transferred to your name please fill in the form below.
Please send the passport and/or the registration paper as an attachment together with the e-mail you receive after sending in the form below. You can send it to the KWPN with your signature on it and accompanied by the obligatory attachments.

More information about the membership of the KWPN.

Transfer of Horse Registration

  • If you are not a member of the KWPN, you may only transfer an equine passport to your name. You may transfer multiple horses to your name at the same time for a fee of €49,50* per horse. KWPN members pay a fee of €20,75* per horse for this service. In addition, KWPN members are entitled to transfer both registration certificates and equine passports to their name using the self-service portal MY KWPN. *2017, prices subject to change without notice.

  • New Registered Party Information

  • Please note, if you do not fill in your membership number you will be charged the non-members fee.
  • If you don't fill in any IBAN/Bank acount number and BIC number, we will send you an invoice.
  • Registration Number(s)Name(s) 
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  • Please click "send" to transfer the above horse(s) to your name. You will receive a confirmation email, which should be printed. Send the printed confirmation and the passport or original registration certificate to: KWPN, P.O. Box 156, 3840 AD Harderwijk, Netherlands (Attn: Registration transfer, non-member). The KWPN strongly recommends sending registration documents by registered mail.

Special Note for Horses in UK
If the passport is sent in only to be updated to comply with the rules of DEFRA (UK) the horse can be transferred without the new owner becoming a member. KWPN will make the passport legitimate by stamping and signing it. We will also add the part of Human Consumption if this not already in the passport. The costs are in our rates list. Also for members, to update and comply with the rules of DEFRA, extra costs are involved. Please ensure that the outline diagram has been completed prior to sending it to the KWPN. Also enclose or e-mail three clear colour photographs of the horse, they have to be taken from both sides and the head as well (may also be emailed). If the outline diagram has not been completed, please submit the following documents to comply with DEFRA rules:

  • An outline diagram (in red) drawn by your veterinarian, stamped and signed by the veterinarian
  • Clear colour photographs of the horse, they have to be taken from both sides and the head as well  (may also be emailed)
  • Hair sample of the horse (pulled not cut)

You can transfer multiple horses at once. The KWPN advises you to always send the passports by recorded delivery.