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Online Auction

In February 2014, the KWPN launched a new initiative for its breeders to increase horse sales. The new initiative provides breeders an opportunity to bring their four- and five-year-old KWPN mares, geldings, and stallions to the KWPN Center for six weeks of training and subsequently sell them through an online auction. Eligible horses must meet specific criteria described below. A selection committee has been tasked with assembling a collection of quality horses, which are stabled at the KWPN Center during their six-week training period. Video clips, photos, and detailed information about each auction horse are placed online for viewing by prospective buyers. In addition, prospective buyers have the opportunity to try out the horses at the KWPN Center. Online bidding is open now up until February 13th, 18.00h Dutch time! This new initiative is an excellent opportunity buy a talented KWPN horse!

Buy a Horse
Interested parties are welcome to view the horses during their training sessions Monday through Friday. An appointment is required to test-ride the horses at the KWPN Center. Call or e-mail Karin Karlas (+31(0)341-255 567 or +31(0)6-10319334, e-mail for more information. The auction closes on Thursday, February 13, 2014, at 18:00 hours (Dutch time). This new initiative is an ideal opportunity for foreign visitors to view, try out, and buy talented KWPN horses!

Veterinary Requirements
Auction horses must meet clinical requirements stipulated by the Royal Dutch Society for Veterinary Medicine and pass a radiographic examination. Results of both examinations must indicate that a horse is fit for sport. Veterinary reports and accompanying radiographs must be no older than three months on the day of the auction, February 13, 2014. This means that the above-named documents must be dated no earlier than November 13, 2013.

Buyer Fees
Buyers must pay the purchase price of the horse(s) plus a 6% surcharge (excluding VAT) to the KWPN on the purchase price of the horse(s) (excluding VAT).

Auction Terms and Conditions
Sellers and bidders/buyers are presumed to understand the auction terms and conditions, click ont this link to download and read.

For questions about the auction, please contact Karin Karlas at the KWPN by e-mail ( or phone (+31 (0)341-255 567/+31(0)6-10319334).