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Wanted: KWPN Horse

Potential buyers may request assistance from the KWPN Sales Promotion department. Our staff will gladly advise you about the numerous opportunities and help you locate the right Dutch contacts so that you can find a horse that meets your requirements. The Netherlands is a convenient destination for visitors from abroad as the country’s excellent infrastructure allows prospective buyers to view many horses in a relatively short time. Throughout the year, elite foal auctions and riding horse auctions are held in various locations around the country. In addition, the Netherlands boasts many training and sales facilities for KWPN horses, where prospective buyers can obtain extensive information about horses offered for sale. The KWPN also organizes excursions and lectures for interested groups from abroad. Finally, the KWPN promotes its horses at major international events.

Additional Information
If you have questions about the KWPN horse or would like to learn more about opportunities to purchase a KWPN horse, please contact the KWPN Foreign Affairs & Sales Promotion department.

E-mail: Phone: + 31 341 255 514

The KWPN Can Help You Find Your New Horse! Tell us exactly the kind of horse you would like to buy. If you live outside the Netherlands, you can e-mail us at with specifics about the KWPN horse you’re looking for. Describe in detail the type of KWPN horse you would like (including price range, age, sex, level of training, breeding stock or sport horse, etc.) and we will publish your request on the KWPN’s Dutch website. Breeders and registered parties in the Netherlands with horses that match your search profile can then respond to you directly.

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