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The success of KWPN horses is no coincidence, for the foundation of Dutch success is built on years of intensive selection by breeders and the studbook. The KWPN boasts more than a century of experience in horse breeding. With  approximately 26.000 members and 10.000 foals born each year, the KWPN is one of  the largest sporthorse studbooks in the world. The KWPN sporthorse is the result  of an extremely goal-oriented breeding policy and a great deal of expertise and  innovation. Furthermore, the quality of the KWPN horse and the expertise of  trainers and riders who develop the talented youngsters also contribute to the  great success of this breed. For these reasons, KWPN horses are regularly  exported to countries around the globe because top riders worldwide have long been acquainted with the unique qualities of the Dutch horse and know it to be  healthy, durable, and willing.

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