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Young Eventing Horses

KWPN horses are making impressive inroads as eventers. Even though the eventer is not a specific breeding direction within the KWPN studbook, more and more Dutch bred horses appear to be very talented in the fastest growing discipline of the equestrian world. The KWPN has started up various initiatives to stimulate this trend: the assessment of 4-year-old eventing horses, the KWPN-championship for the 5-year-old eventing horses and the KWPN Eventinghorse Sale in cooperation with Military Boekelo.


KWPN-championship for 5-year-old eventing horses
The KWPN-championship for 5-year-old eventing horses during the KWPN Championships is a unique opportunity to scout talented young KWPN horses for eventing. This scouting in an early stage can prove to be a positive incentive. The cross country is built in an inviting way, so that way also horses that have little experience in the eventing domain, but familiar with regular jumping courses, can participate.  Other than in regular cross country competitions, time is not of the essence, but the way the horse behaves himself in the field is more important.

The battle of the five-year-old eventing horses consists of three parts: a presentation of the horse’s gaits (dressage), a jumping course and the cross country. During the presentation of the gaits there are maximum three horses in the arena at the same time. After that a jumping course (1.00-1.20 metres) must be completed.

A qualified jury evaluates the horses in the cross country on three different aspects: technique and balance in the field and in the jumps, willingness and ride-ability and of course the quality of the canter.

The final ranking is made up according to the following formula: The dressage result is divided by 10 and multiplied by 4. The jumping result is divided by 2 and is deducted from the dressage result. The result of the cross country is the sum of the three marks multiplied by 2 and added to the dressage result.

In order to participate, the combination must be qualified to jump 1.10 metres jumping competitions or eventing competitions at novice level.

The championship is open to mares, geldings and stallions that in the year of the championship will reach the age of five. They also have to be KWPN registered in the Foal Book or Register A, Register B or admitted to the main studbook of the KWPN.

KWPN Eventinghorse Sale
The selection of auction horses for the KWPN Eventer Sale takes place among others during the championship for five-year-old and the assessment for four-year-old eventing horses. The KWPN Eventer Sale is an auction of talented young eventing horses that will be organised during Military Boekelo. For more information about the auction please contact the Sales Promotion department:

Winners 2016

1. ACSI Green Arrow (Arthos R out of Mascha stb s.Derrick, breeder H. Visscher of Rouveen) with Angela Kollee
2. Coral Estate Geluk (Zavall VDL out of Vassara stb s.Pacific, breeder M. Ophey of Nederweert) with Nienke van Roekel
3. Google (Chello III VDL out of Nimmyno-Vira keur sport-dr s.Nimmerdor, breeders R. Falkena and A. Olff of Harich) with Kim Falkens

Winners 2015

1. Watermill Famous (Albaran out of Pekezwiggy ster by Karandasj, breeder T.H. Brummelhuis of Haaksbergen) with Alice Naber
2. Lacoste (Lucky Boy out of Farah stb by Calypso I, breeder J.O.M.Meulendijks of Nuenen) with Tim Lips
3. Coral Estate Full Speed (Arthos R out of Patty la Belle elite sport-spr by Lancelot M, breeder J. Inkenhaag of Renswoude ) with Nienke van Roekel

Winners 2014

1. Enjoy (Cartano out of Next Joey by Haarlem, breeders J.J. Koldewijn of Heteren and J.van Zon & M. de Jong of Aalsmeer) with Sanne de Jong
2. Elarona (Douglas out of H-Larona keur by Landgraf I, breeder M.P.M. Janssen of Prinsenbeek) with Tim Lips
3. Eager Rose, ster PROK (Vaillant out of Havanna Rose Z by Hornet Rose, breeder Beemdhoeve B.V. of Helvoirt) with Renske Kroeze

Winners VSN-Cup 2013
1. Davinci (Van Gogh out of Perrita by Landeur, breeder G.A. van de Cammen of Berlicum) with Loes van Gils
2. Daddy’s Doll (Up to Date out of Nenanta by Ircolando, breeders R. Koopmans and M.H. de Groot of Lippenhuizen) with Elaine Pen
3. Da Vinci (Wittinger VDL out of Scarlet by Trevano xx, breeder Stal van Beek Beekhoeve of Rijsbergen) with Jan van Beek

Winners VSN-Cup 2012
1. Chicky Micky (Indoctro out of Miana stb sport-spr by Equador, breeder G.P. Kloet of Nieuw- en Sint Joostland) with Steven Rouers
2. Carea Fortuna (Colandro I out of Varea Fortuna stb PROK by Indoctro, breeder J,. Oude Elberink of Uden) with Jan van Beek
3. Chai Chai (Westering Star out of Helena keur sport-sgw by Rex Magna xx, breeder G. Arts of IJsselsteijn) with Raf Kooremans

Winners VSN-Cup 2011
1. Coral Estate Bring It On (Travolta out of Lara ster by Amulet, breeder B.A. Eertink of Diepenheim) with Nienke van Roekel
2. Belly (Manhattan out of Velly by Roeland, breeder Stal Veldhuis of Haaksbergen) with Marcelle de Kam
3. Bon Jovi (Rolling Stone out of Helena keur sport-sgw by Rex Magna xx, breeder G. Arts of IJsselsteijn) with Gerald Arts

Winners VSN-Cup 2010
1. Concrex Akarlos (Corland out of Dolca keur prest by Oldenburg, breeder A. Beuving-Steenbergen of Odoorn) with Tim Lips
2. Coral Estate Arriba, keur (Casantos out of Daisy keur pref by B.Raimond, breeder K. Vervoort-Teeuwen of Helden) with Alice Naber-Lozeman
3. Amaretto (Redford out of Ostara-Utopia ster by Amulet, breeders J.M. and N.M. Vossebeld of Hengelo) with Tarik van Boggelen

Winners VSN-Cup 2009
1. Z.K.H. Zion (Numero Uno out of Tiranta ster by Ircolando, breeder E. Jeuken of De Mortel) with Sandra Jeuken
2. Zalou du Rouet (Balou du Rouet out of Hilde by Ditmar, breeder L. Schins-Hellebrekers of Reijmerstok) with Gert Boonzaaijer
3. Zam W (Solitair out of Talina keur by Guidam, breeder W.B.M. Wagenmans of Haarle) with Emmy Bijsterveld