Are you interested in KWPN horses? We have several special services to help you with all your questions and demands.

Sales promotion

The numerous successes of the KWPN horses around the world have drawn the attention to the Dutch horses. The Olympics, World cup finals, the Global Champions Tour; the successes are the best advertising the KWPN can get and that is what the KWPN wants to underline as an organization with good accessibility and service.

Sales service

For those of you who would like to orient on buying a KWPN horse, the KWPN offers some possibilities. Examples of these events are the KWPN Stallion Show with the KWPN Select Sale, the elite auction for promising young stallions and various elite KWPN foal auctions. In Summer KWPN is organizing also their own KWPN Online Foal Auctions.

For interested people from abroad, the Netherlands is a nice and well-arranged destination; thanks to the fine infrastructure it is possible to come and see a large number of horses in a relatively short period of time. Throughout the year there are elite foal auctions and riding horse auctions on different locations in the country. 

KWPN members have the possibility to publish their horse on the KWPN Marketplace, which can be found here.
Are you looking for something in particular? You can always place a horse search request, what we can share with all our members. Please specify your demands and wishes like age, sex, sport/breeding horse, level and price range.
The information can be send to:

Several breeding mare are offered by our members.
Are you looking for a breeding mare? Please send us an email and we will provide you with the list of offered horses. 

More information?
Do you have any questions about a KWPN horse or do you want more information about the possibilities of buying a KWPN horse? Please contact the department of Marketing and Communications,


Foreign visitors activities

Foreign Visitors Course 
During the KWPN Stallion Show, foreign visitors can take part in a specially drafted course about selection processes and breeding. Educated by some of KWPN’s senior judges, participants will learn more about KWPN breeding when watching the horses at the event.

​More information

During the Stallion Show a live English language information service for all English speaking foreign visitors is provided by KWPN professionals via a headset.

Guided tour
The KWPN organizes excursions for foreign visitors. These take place in February after the yearly held KWPN Stallion Show in ‘s-Hertogenbosch and in August after the KWPN Championships in Ermelo. The tours are a must-do experience for those visiting the Netherlands. It is an excellent way to get to know the Dutch way of breeding and horse keeping. The tour will stop by at breeders, training- and trading stables, owners of stallions and rearing establishments. Guided by equestrian professionals, guests will visit several equestrian facilities. 

Apart from the Guided Tour, foreign guests can also contact the KWPN if they would like to do a tour through the Netherlands themselves. The KWPN is happy to help with suggestions for visiting interesting stables. More information? Mail to

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  • The latest breeding values
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