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The KWPN Select Sale (KSS) is your opportunity to buy a talented stallion that meets the highest standards of conformation, movement, sport quality and health.

Each stallion selected for the KSS has advanced at least to the second round viewing and can be seen in action at the ‘s-Hertogenbosch Stallion Show. The horses will be available for viewing on auction day from 10:00 a.m. in the stables of the KSS salesroom.

Online video
It will be possible to see the stallions perform on the internet. Video footage of all KSS selected stallions will be available in the KSS Salesroom.

Veterinary Reports
All stallions offered in the KWPN Select Sale (KSS) have had the following examinations: clinical and radiographic. Respiratory and semen can be done by the owner. Reports from these examinations and radiographs are available for viewing in the KSS salesroom throughout the duration of the KWPN Stallion Show. Veterinarians will be available in the KSS salesroom to discuss the reports and radiographs. Bidders and buyers are presumed to have read the reports and viewed the radiographs concerning the KSS stallion(s) in consideration and thereby indicate their express approval of these reports and radiographs upon purchase of the respective stallion(s).

For the Dressage stallions there will also be radiographic examination of the back and neck available.

Wild Cards
As in previous years, stallions may participate in the KWPN Select Sale through wildcards. Buyers who purchase wild card stallions have the right to demand veterinary data from sellers, if that data is not available in advance, provided that sellers make their request within the time frame stipulated in the KSS Terms and Conditions. It is recommended to consult the KSS Terms and Conditions for conditions pertaining specifically to wild cards.

The list of auction stallions indicates whether or not each horse is subject to V.A.T. Stallions subject to V.A.T. will have the amount due added to the sale price, unless the horse is exempt from V.A.T. in connection with export. Please refer to the KSS Terms and Conditions.

It is possible to bid by telephone, if you want to make use of this opportunity you can contact the organisation, by filling out the form below and send it to:

Form bidding by phone

Xcellent Horse Insurance offers new owners the option of insuring their newly purchased horses as soon as they leave the ring. Buyers may mark the purchase form indicating that they wish to insure their horses immediately. 

Notary Service
A notary will be on site during the auction.

The auctioneer is Mr. Frederik de Backer.

KSS Terms and Conditions
All buyers and sellers of stallions are assumed to have read and agree to the KSS Terms and Conditions. 

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