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The KWPN Select Sale provides stallion owners a choice opportunity to showcase their quality stallions in front of a broad international audience.

Sellers interested in the KWPN Select Sale (KSS) may register their stallions for auction as follows: they may indicate their interest in the KSS on the KWPN Stallion Selection registration form, or they may inform the Selection Committee of their interest at the first round viewing. The Selection Committee will be present at the first round viewing to observe all the stallions during their performances and determine if they are suitable for the KSS.
Stallions that advance to the second round viewing and are chosen by the Selection Committee must, of course, meet the stipulated veterinary requirements in order to be auctioned.

In addition to stallions selected for auction at the first round viewing, wild card horses may qualify for the KSS at the ‘s-Hertogenbosch Stallion Show. Buyers who purchase wild card stallions have the right to demand veterinary data from sellers, if the data is not available in advance, provided sellers make their request within the time frame stipulated in the KSS Terms and Conditions. Buyers should consult the KSS Terms and Conditions for conditions pertaining specifically to wild cards.

Veterinary Requirements
To facilitate optimum marketing of the auction stallions, please submit all veterinary data well ahead of schedule.

KSS Terms and Conditions
All buyers and sellers of stallions are assumed to have read and agree to the KSS terms and conditions.


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