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Blom Stallion Competition Jumping and Anemone Horse Trucks Stallion Competition Dressage

The Stallion Competition is a unique opportunity to see young approved- and selected stallions in action. This is of great value to many breeders prior to the breeding season: quite often the choice for a stallion is made at the stands of stallion competitions. The competition aims to give breeders and other interested parties insight into the stallions’ performance potential.

Season 2019/2020

Dates Anemone Horse Trucks Hengstencompetitie Dressage

11 november in Kronenberg
11 december in Ermelo
28 december in Zuidbroek

Dates Blom Hengstencompetitie Jumping

12 november in Kronenberg
25 november in Vragender
28 december in Zuidbroek

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In early winter, the Stallion Competition takes place, which draws a large audience. It is a unique event in which approved stallions from European studbooks compete against each other in dressage and jumping. The Stallion Competition’s goal is to give breeders and stakeholders an insight in the performance capacities of the KWPN-stallions. The Stallion Competition is the unique opportunity to see the young and approved KWPN-stallions in action. This is of great value to many breeders prior to the breeding season: quite often the choice for a stallion is made at the stands of stallion competitions. This competition is held in different locations across the Netherlands. The final takes place at the KWPN Stallion Show in ’s-Hertogenbosch. 

Horses which meet the following requirements may compete in one or more classes of the Stallion Competition:

  • Stallions approved by the KWPN, KWPN-NA, NRPS, or an EU-recognized studbook for warmbloods with the primary breeding goal of producing jumpers and/or dressage horses and whose registered party is a current member of the KWPN


  • Stallions born in 2013 or later which have been selected for the KWPN performance test and which meet veterinary requirements for admission to the test and whose registered party is a current member of the KWPN.
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