The Anemone Horse Trucks Stallion Competition Dressage started off in Ermelo with the five-year-old dressage stallions. The Totilas-son Total U.S. ridden by Dinja van Liere was the convincing winner. Hummer (s.Westpoint) and Glock’s Trafalgar both scored 82 points but based on the rules, Hummer got second place.

Total U.S. (Totilas out of Sondra by Sir Donnerhall, breeder Gestüt Lewitz from Steinfeld) received a total of 90 points. “The walk is a clear four-beat, with good reach”, chair of the judges Mariette Sanders, who judged the class together with Frenk Jespers, said. We do have some remarks on the contact, because sometimes he tilted quite severely, but the walk shows good groundcover, is loose and shows a good use of the body, a 9. The trot is nice and loose and shows a lot of expression. Total U.S. is always uphill, but sometimes he could stay a bit more collected, a 9,5. The canter has a lot of cadanc and total U.S. is one of the few that can really accelerate in this gait. “The harmony was given an 8,5 because of a remark on lengthening the neck. The talent for dressage was a 9. ‘We see here a horse with good technique in movement, expression and more than enough ‘go’.

Full of beans

“Total U.S. was full of beans and he had energy for ten.”, Dinja van Liere said. “After the Pavo Cup he has progressed a lot although I feel he lacks some routine after a few months without any competitions. Total U.S.  misses some routine at the moment but when he is more quiet again, I can even ride a bit more, and he will surprise you! I feel he can get 10’s for all his basic gaits. He has infinite quality.”


Hummer (Westpoint out of Winde ster by Farrington, breeder B.P. Hartman-van Tilborgh from Sprang-Capelle) was presented at the World Championships in Ermelo by a russian rider. But now Kirsten Brouwer is back in his saddle. A beautiful horse that is resented very correctly.”Sanders commented. “The walk is clear, and correct in the rhythm. He could show more shoulder freedom, a 7,5. The trot is expressive, a 9. The canter is correct in the rhythm, but could be more supple.”


Glock’s Trafalgar

Glock’s Trafalgar (Totilas out of Paola by Lord Loxley, breeder Haupt- und Landgestüt Stiftung from Neustadt) was ridden by Riccardo Sanavio got some remarks on his walk. “Not all steps are even although the overall impression is relaxed. In the extended trot this got better, a 6,5. The trot is loose, through the body and with a lot of schwung, although Glock’s Trafalgar is going a bit wide behind in the extended trot, a 9. The canter is clear and energetic, an 8,5.”




Photo: Jacob Melissen

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