Three KWPN-approved stallions will go into the finals with only clear rounds. Again, they belonged to the group of stallions that stayed double clear in both rounds of the L Class of the Blom Stallion Competition in Zuidbroek.

In the Eurohal in Zuidbroek, fifteen just five year-old stallions stayed completely clear in the L class over two rounds. That was the third consecutive time for the KWPN-approved stallions Ipsthar (Denzel van ’t Meulenhof out of Vestha stb prest by Farmer, b/reg. Geert Moerings) ridden by Bas Moerings, Indian Gold (Cassini Gold out of S.Zarah 11 stb pref prest by Germus R, breeder J.J. van Dijk) ridden by Alien Baelden and I Am Codex (Codex One out of Capitola Z by Calvaro Z, breeder/  Martien van de Bruggen) ridden by Bart Lips. This gives them the most Ideal starting point for the final in ’s-Hertogenbosch during the KWPN Stallion Show.

Reflexes and careful

Bas Moerings was successful with his family’s breeding product Ipsthar. “He exacty knows the game and always wants to stay clear. He has a heart of gold, jumps with good reflexes and is very careful. All horses from this dam-line are like that and that is a great advantage!”, says the rider from Roosendaal. “He has a really good brain and is not easily impressed. Ipsthar did about 10 rounds at L level until now, and he is always clear. In the competition you also want to ride a very beautiful round, but Ipsthar has so much work-ethic and he knows so well what is asked of him, that you should also let him do his thing. And as long the result is at it was today, you won’t hear me complain”, the rider laughs. “Ipsthar is really a horse for the future. He just has to make the miles and we need to keep him sound, because he has all the talent for the real work, we think.”

JS/YBF for KWPN, Photo:  I Am Codex – Jacob Melissen

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