Three harness horse stallions have started their performance test at the KWPN Center in Ermelo. De coming 50 days, everything is about de discovery of the natural talent of the stallions. After the final presentation, on Saturday April 21st, we will know which stallions will be approved for breeding.

As usual during the delivery of the stallions, the Stallion Selection Committee looked at the stallions in harness with their own rider on the reins to assess their trainability. Assessment on quality is not yet on the agenda. Besides the three-year-old stallions and the six-year-old Hubert VDM, who were all accepted for performance testing at KWPN Stallion Show 2018, the champion of last year was also presented in harness. This stallion called Jesse James was referred to this spring’s test during the stallion performance test in the spring of 2017 and could therefore also suffice with an assessment on trainability. The six-year-old Hubert VDM comes for an assessment of at least 21 days, which can be extended to 50 days if necessary. During the test, the committee determines the final duration of the test. For three- and four-year-old stallions, the performance test takes 50 days.

The three-year-old Kolonel (Fantijn x Vaandrager HBC), Jesse James (Unieko x Marvel) and Hubert VDM (Cizandro x Manno) were trainable and got the green light at the veterinary, and thus have a stable in Ermelo. 697 Kentucky (Eebert x Manno) was not presented in harness, but was physically present and was watched by the KWPN veterinary in the presence of the committee. Based on this, he is legally eligible for the after-delivery in which he must of course also have to show that he is trainable. Four other three-year-old stallions have, after being assessed as trainable, also been referred on veterinary grounds to the after-delivery, which will take place on Monday at 8 a.m.

Two ster stallions used the possibility to show themselves for re-inspection. That were the three-year-old cat. 708 Kroonjuweel (Fantijn x Unieko) and 2017/666 Jannes W. (Manno x Patijn). The Stallion Selection Committee decided not to accept either stallion for the performance test.

The following stallions have started their Performance test:

Three-year-old stallion: 84/709   Kolonel (Fantijn x Vaandrager HBC)

Four-year-old stallion 87/’17 672    Jesse James (Unieko x Marvel)

Six-year-old stallion: 90/672   Hubert VDM (Cizandro x Manno)

Referred to the after-delivery 80/675   Kadanz (Atleet x Manno) 81/678   Kane-BFT (Bocellie x Uniek) 82/697   Kentucky (Eebert x Manno) 83/698   Kornuit (Eebert x Patijn) 85/714   Kenzi H (Manno x Jonker)

The first formal assessment in training is on Thursday March 29th at 14.00 uur. The final presentation takes place on Saturday April 21st at 9.00 a.m. followed by the IBOP for harness horse mares.

Additional information on the stallions

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