The Royal Dutch Studbook of the Netherlands, KWPN, will start a pilot to expand dressage horse breeding by registering offspring from KWPN approved or KWPN recognized stallions paired with purebred Lusitano- and PRE mares.

The KWPN has had a leading position in global dressage horse breeding for years. To achieve this, the KWPN is innovative and has a strict selection policy to use the best stallions and mares for breeding. The health of the horses also plays an important role in the KWPN selection process.

To increase the distribution of bloodlines in dressage horse breeding, it has been decided to register the offspring of KWPN approved stallions from purebred Lusitanos and PREs (Pura Raza Espanola) in the A register of the KWPN studbook. These foals receive a Dutch passport.

By breeding horses from the combination KWPN stallion x Lusitano / PRE mare KWPN tries to make use the strong qualities of both breeds for dressage horse breeding. Both the Lusitano and the PRE are known for their natural ability to collect and their natural talent for passage and piaffe.
At a later stage, the horses can be accepted into the main studbook when they meet the extra criteria for studbook approval.

Not only will this pilot contribute to blood distribution, Spanish breeders with PRE and Lusitano mares will also be given the opportunity to breed dressage horses by making use of the strong qualities of the KWPN stallions to benefit their breeding.

To support this project, Verónica Fortes from Malaga is prepared to be the central KWPN contact in Spain. She can guide the Spanish breeders and advise which stallions are interesting to use. She will also help Spanish breeders with ordering semen from the Netherlands.
When there is enough interest from the Spanish breeders, a Dutch jury delegation will come to inspect the foals at some central places next year.
Verónica Fortes can be contacted by phone 620 01 28 03 or via mail

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