Last week was the final presentation of the Harness Horse stallions that were still present in Ermelo for their performance test. After the presentation, three stallions were accepted into the studbook.

“We were able to accept a number of stallions that are very much in the Harness Horse Type with good Harness Horse traits”, chair of the stallion Selection Committee Johan Hamminga said. "And we are very happy with that!" With the previously registered Hubert VDM, who earned his license to cover earlier this spring after his shortened test, the counter for this performance test comes to four.

Training leader Henk Hammers presented the four stallions in the exam at the main arena of the national Equestrian Center. Hubert VDM (by Cizandro) was also presented in harness, with his regular rider Lambertus Huckriede on the reins.

Afterwards the stallions were presented in hand for the presentation of the results and honoring of the breeders and owners. For every breeder this moment is very special, but for Piet Lelieveld from Leidschendam, who bred his fourth approved stallion with Hubert VDM, that is definitely worth mentioning.

The Athlete son Kapitaal (ds.Manno, breeder Jan Tienkamp from Peest) received among other marks an 8.5 for front and action of the foreleg. The stallion showed a lot of progress during the research.

Eebert gets his first son approved with Kordaat (ds.Patijn, breeder Tabe de Jong from Hollum). The use of the hind leg (8.5) is the strongest point of this young stallion, which has also made progress during the research.

The champion of the Stallion Show 2017, Jesse James (Unieko x Marvel), bred by Mark and Martin de Groot, also received an 8.5 for front and action of the foreleg.

Johan Hamminga praised the work-ethic of six-year-old Hubert VDM (Cizandro x Manno) during the ceremony.

In the opinion of the Stallion Inspection Committee The stallion Kane-BFT (Bocellie x Unieko) unfortunately could not be registered in the studbook after his presentation in the main arena. Subsequently a remark was established by the veterinary at check-out. After this, in consultation with the owner and the stallion inspection committee, it was decided to withdraw this assessment and refer the stallion to the spring performance test of 2019.De volledige rapportages zijn zo spoedig mogelijk te vinden op de Hengstendatabase, en binnenkort kunt u de video’s van de individuele hengsten terugvinden op KWPN.TV. In de volgende IDS kunt u meer informatie en de verkorte rapporten van de hengsten vinden.

The full reports can be found as soon as possible in the Stallion Database, and soon you will find the videos of the individual stallions on KWPN.TV.

Photo (Kordaat with breeders De Jong): Jacob Melissen

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