Foaling season is in full swing, foals are born everywhere and breeders are already making the stallion choice for next year's foal. The past years more foals were registered with the KWPN than in previous years. The foal registrations have also shown this upward trend in 2017. But of which stallions were the most foals registered? Curious? Then please read on!

Last year over 10,500 foals were registered with the KWPN, of which almost 4,300 dressage foals, more than 5,500 jumping foals, almost 600 harness horse foals and more than 160 Gelder type foals. We put the top 5 of the dressage foal suppliers in a row.

Glock’s Toto Jr. leader

Was it Glamourdale that lead the rankings last year with almost 250 foals, this year Glock's Toto Jr. definitely stands out from the rest. No less than 369 registered foals were from this stallion. The first approved son of Totilas (out of a Desperado-mother) sires the number three of the Championship ring of the KWPN Stallion Show at the beginning of this year. Glock's Toto Jr. won the final of the stallion competition dressage in the class L and M and he was the winner of the Pavo Cup for five-year-olds under former Glock-rider Marieke van der Putten. As a three-year-old stallion, he was licensed for breeding with 86 points for the performance test.

Other top 5

The second place in the top 5 goes to Daily Diamond (Daily Deal x Fürst Heinrich) with 222 foals. This six-year-old stallion was registered into the studbook with 87.5 points after the 2015 autumn performance test. In third place we see Dream Boy (Vivaldi x Ferro), who recently progressed to the Grand Prix under Hans Peter Minderhoud and finished his international Grand Prix debut with a first place in the Grand Prix and a second place in the Grand Prix Special. Dream Boy produced 174 KWPN foals last year. With a small difference we see the six-year-old De Niro son Hennessy (ds.Jazz) in fourth place. He signed last year 168 times for the paternity of KWPN foals. As a three-year-old, Hennessy passed with 82 points for the performance test.
Last year he already brought the champion of the National Foal Inspection during the KWPN Championships. Franklin, the son of Ampère out of a Ferro-dam, is the last sire in this top 5. In 2017, 141 of his foals were registered with the KWPN. In total, the top 5 stallions produced 1,074 KWPN foals, which accounts for 25% of the total number of KWPN registered dressage foals.

Young stallions popular

The top 5 of this year looks completely different from last year, but just like last year it appears that many breeders use young dressage stallions. Two young stallions from the top 5 of last year now fill in places 6 and 7. Sixth place is Ferdeaux (Bordeaux x Ferro) with 125 foals followed by Guardian S (Bodyguard Moorland x Trento B) with 118 foals.

Foals per stallion

To give a better idea of how the numbers of KWPN foals are divided among the different stallions, we have split this up. We have divided the numbers of KWPN-registered foals per stallion into five categories:

  • stallions with 1 to 10 foals
  • stallions with 11 to 25 foals
  • stallions with 26 to 50 foals
  • stallions with 51 to 100 foals
  • stallions with 100 to 140 foals
  • stallions with 141 to 369 foals


The stallions with more than 140 KWPN foals can be found in the top 5 mentioned above. The group of stallions that could register 1 to 10 foals in 2017 consists of 224 different stallions, together they have 13% of the total number of KWPN registered foals. The group of stallions with 11 to 25 foals consists of 42 different stallions, together they have 15% of the total number of registered KWPN foals. The group of stallions with 26-50 foals consists of 16 stallions, with together 14% of the total number of KWPN registered foals. In the second largest group are the stallions with 51 to 100 foals, this group has 19% of the total number of registered KWPN foals and consists of 12 different stallions. The last category consists of the stallions with 101 to 140 KWPN-registered foals, these are 5 stallions and they have 14% of the total number of KWPN registered foals.

Do you wish more information about registering your foal(s)? Take a look here. We now also offer a discount on requesting the D-OC-predicate for your foal, you can learn more about this here.

Next week we will show you the top 5 of the jumper stallions.

Photo: Glock's Toto Jr.

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