The first qualification for five-year-olds ended in a thrilling apotheosis. At the end, the top-5 horses differ only by 12 hundredths. The highest scoring Dutch combination is one of them, the KWPN-stallion Indian Rock with Emmelie Scholtens. 

The competition started straight away with the KWPN-stallion by Apache. Emmelie Scholtens was the first to enter the arena at ten o’clock and performed a solid test in which the strong canter stood out and was rewarded with a 9.5. The rhythmic trot received an 8.8, the walk was good for an 8.3. An 8.9 for submission and a 9.2 for perspective brought the total to an 8.94. “I enjoyed my ride today,” said Emmelie afterwards. “He was very focused and I was able to ride my test the way I wanted. If I can achieve the same on Saturday, I would be very pleased!” 

Bart Veeze entered the arena with the National Mare Championships-mare Imagine. The daughter of Dreamboy showed a lovely silhouette in the trot and the canter was nicely uphill. She also convinced in her walk. With an 8.9 for the trot, 8.8 for the walk, 8.6 for the canter, an 8 for the submission and an 8.8 for the perspective she received an 8.62. In the last group Veeze hold another ace. The KWPN-stallion Imposantos (s.Wynton) lived up to his name and impressed in his self-carriage and contact. A 9 for the trot, an 8.8 for the walk, an 8.5 for his beautiful canter, an 8.3 for submission and an 8.9 for perspective, the total came up to 8.70. As a result, the stallion became seventh, right before the mare in place eight. 

The KWPN-stallion In Style showed his willingness to work in a solid test with Renate van Vliet. His trot was rewarded with an 8.9, the walk received a 7.8 and the canter an 8.8. The 8.5 for submission and 8.9 for perspective rounded it up to a nice 8.58, eventually good enough for the tenth place. The Finish rider Yvonne Osterholm was one of the last competitors to start. Her Bordeaux-son Ironman H performed a rhythmic test. His active canter received the highest mark: an 8.8. The walk and submission were awarded an 8.5 and the perspective of an 8.7 brought the average to an 8.52, just enough for a place in the final. Thus, there were five KWPN-horses in the top 12. 

Five horses form the top group, only 12hundredths is the difference between number one and five, so the final is certainly going to be exciting. 

Andreas Helgstrandt leads the rankings of today. He first presented Zaphlin Langholt in an appealing manner. The following marks brought the Zonik x Stedinger stallion the lead:

trot 9.8, canter 9.7, perspective 9.5, total 9.00. In the afternoon Helgstrand bested his own result with the Rocky Lee-offspring Revolution. The  pair left quite an impression, scoring a 9.5 for trot, a 9.8 for his enormous canter, an 8.8 for the walk, an 8.5 for submission and a 9.5 for perspective (total 9.06). In the last group Matthias Alecander Rath showed a harmonious test with his Destacado (s.Desperados). Except for his halt, where the stallion showed some resistance, a mistake that may have cost him the win. A 9.7 for the trot, a 9.8 for the walk and a 9 for the canter still gave a total of 9.04, right behind Revolution. 

Closely following was the Sir Donnerhall-daughter Candy, that showed lots of light-footedness and impulsion and appeared to be the crowd pleaser. The jury did not agree and with 8.56 she was placed behind Indian Rock. 


Not in the final

The KWPN-stallion Iconic B did not qualify for the final, both his powerful trot and walk were valued at an 8.5. He showed some tension in the canter, which resulted in a 7.7. The 8.5 for perspective brought the total to 8.12. The Bon Bravour-son is bred by his rider Joyce Lenaerts. Tomorrow, he and all the other non-placed horses get another chance in the small final. 

Juliane Brunkhurst and Asgard’s Ibiza displayed some tension, especially in the beginning of the test. The alluring trot received a 9.2, the canter an 8.2, but the walk and submission got stuck at a 7.5 and 7.6. The appealing chestnut scored a total of 8.12, with the perspective getting valued at an 8.2. 

The Everdale-offspring Inclusive also suffered from some tension, primarily visible in the walk and canter. An 8.3 for the trot, a 7.8 for the canter and a 6.8 for the walk, a 7.4 for submission and a 7.7 for perspective, the scoreboard showed a total of 7.6 for Charlotte Fry and the well-presented black stallion. Iondale (s.Everdale) made no big mistakes and showed an appealing canter, good for an 8.3 and the trot was rewarded with a 7.9. However, two 7.6s for the walk and submission and an 8 for the perspective brought the total to 7.88. Thus a 24thand 28thposition for the Everdale-offspring. 

Yessin Rahmouni presented the Vitalis-son Impress Taonga. His canter stood out (7.9), but he had trouble finding his balance in the trot (6.4). The 7.4 for the walk and perspective and 7.3 for submission, gave an average of 7.28. The in Czech-Republic active Vivaldi-son Iffendic showed his willingness to work with rider Eva Jacarikova, but this was not rewarded by the jury. A 7.3 for the trot and 7.2 for perspective, brought the score to 6.9. 

Cupido-son Impressive and Evgeny Sharangovisch nestled themselves in between with and endscore of 6.98, comprised of the following marks: trot 7.5, canter 7.6, walk 6, submission and perspective 6.9. 


Participating KWPN-horses

Image © HippoFoto, Dirk Caremans

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