Maria Colliander: “We are spoilt with the quality of today.” Commentating judge Maria Colliander from Finland emphasized multiple times how much they, the jury and the audience are spoilt with the overall quality of the horses in the 5-year-old final. This was underlined by the many high scores the jury gave out, the highlight being two 10s for the canter and perspective of Revolution (Rockey Lee x Rouletto) of Andreas Helgstrand, representing Denmark. Best KWPN-horse was Asgard’s Ibiza with Juliane Brunkhurst for Germany, that placed sixth, right ahead of Imposantos placing seventh with Bart Veeze. Bart also claimed the tenth position with Imagina, following Emmelie Scholtens and Indian Rock on ninth place. Renate van Vliet and In Style obtained the fifteenth position and the KWPN-horse Ironman H, that represented Finland with Yvonne Österholm, placed thirteenth. 

Charismatic supermodel Indian Rock scores in his canter

The charming Indian Rock (Apache x Vivaldi) scores respectable points in the final for five-year-olds. Presented by Emmelie Scholtens and bred by J. de Bruijn, Ad Valk’s stallion moved to an overall score of 8.74. His elastic and active trot received an 8.7, the walk an 8.2. Highlight was the canter, that retrieved the spectacular score of 9.6 thanks to its natural balance and willingness to collect. The harmony was consistent throughout the test and got an 8.2. The perspective was also awarded a good score: a 9.0. The jury explained that Indian Rock possesses three good gaits that all show the potential to collect. “Definitively a horse for the future,” conclude the judges. Emmelie herself was slightly less happy, as the stallion built up a lot of tension in the noisy warming-up arena. “I am satisfied, of course”, she says, “But he can do much more than I was able to show today.” If we may believe the judges, this will come out in the future.

Imposantos lives up to his name

“This is truly a black pearl,” opens the jury after the impressive performance of Bart Veeze and Imposantos (Wynton x Krack C), bred by W. Wijnen. The bay stallion of Theo Driessen was rewarded with a smashing 8.95. The active trot and the relaxed walk received a 9.0, the canter an 8.7. The harmony stood out as he scored an 8.9. “We are happy with the partnership between this horses and rider,” says the jury, that valued the perspective at a 9.0 as well. Bart has a big grin on his face if we ask him how he feels after the test. “He gives me such a mega feeling,” says Bart about Imposantos. “This is the first time he is away from home for a whole week, but he is so steady, he acts like he is at home.”

Correct In Style stands out

The correct In Style of breeder Joop van Uytert was steered to an overall score of 7.84 by Renate van Vliet. The active trot scored a well-deserved 8.3. In the walk the stallion could show a little more suppleness through his body and he scored a decent 7.6. The canter received an 8.1 and submission a 7.0. The perspective of this stallion was awarded an 8.2. 


Good grades for the nimble Imagine 

“We saw an elegant, light-footed horse,” commented the jury on the test of the by E.M. Stam-van Waveren bred Imagine (Dream Boy x Jackson). Together with rider Bart Veeze the mare scored some decent marks this final. His trot, displaying a natural forward rhythm, realized an 8.9 and so did the walk, in which the mare shows a lovely posture. 

The canter was awarded an 8.7 and the submission a 7.8, the 8.5 for perspective brought the overall score to 8.56. “A dream come true,” says owner Theo Driessen. “I am very happy for Bart, who, after two years of hard work, was selected for these world championships with two horses and then ends up in the final with both of them.”

Magnificent score for Asgard’s Ibiza

Scoring no less than 8.96, Asgard’s Ibiza (Desperado x Jazz, bred by Luc Boogert) set the bar high, early in the final. Presented by Juliane Brunkhorst and registered to Asgard Dressage B.V. the stallion was described as an expressive and powerful horse, that forms a good partnership with his rider. The powerful trot yielded a whopping 9.4, as did the expressive, uphill canter. Completed with an 8.5 for the walk and submission, the stallion was rewarded with an 9.2 for perspective. “What an athlete!” exclaimed the jury. 

Ironman H kicks of the final

The pitchblack Ironman H (Rousseau x Bordeaux) kicks of the final. Ridden by the Finnish Yvonne Österholm the stallion realized a great overall score of 8.0. The trot received a 7.5, the spacious walk an 8.5. The highlight of this horse was the uphill canter, that generated an 8.8 thanks to his solid transitions and balance contra canter. A 7 for the submission and 8.2 for the perspective, we may expect to see a lot more of this black pearl in the future. 

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