The incredibly cantering Glamourdale was crowned world champion of the seven-year-old dressage horses. The impressive Lord Leatherdale-son gave both the audience and the jury goosebumps and yielded a total of 87.05%. He black KWPN-stallion stayed ahead of the well-educated Governer-STR that can take home the silver. The bronze was won by favorite Fuersten-Look that made a big mistake in the last series and forfeited the chance on a higher placement. 

Silence as Charlotte Fry and the Lord Leatherdale-son Glamourdale (out of Thuja pref by Negro, bred by J.W. Rodenburg of Ouderkerk aan de IJssel) perform their test. The trot, always in rhythm and with huge cadence, scores nearly a 10, only because the judges want to see a more noticeable difference in the medium and extended trot. A 9.8. The lowest mark is given for the walk, that should have more overtrack and freedom in the shoulder. “The canter has lots of quality and ability to collect, a 10. We see that Glamourdale is very focused in his work, shows us nice changes and always has a nice contact, a 9.4. We look forward to his future, a 9.5 for his perspective.” 

Governor-STR gives jury goosebumps

Totilas-son Governor-STR (out of Orleans elite pref prest PROK by Jazz, bred by J.B.J.M. Streppel of Wilp) not only receives a round of applause from the audience, also the jury admits to get goosebumps of the by Adelinde Cornelissen presented stallion. “The trot is powerful and Governor-STR shows fluent half-passes, a 9. The walk is relaxed and with overtrack, an 8.5. In the canter we see a lot of posture and ability to collect, a 9.6.” The KWPN-stallion is praised for his obedience and education. Submission: 9.5, perspective: 9.5 and a total of 84.14%. 

Mistakes in the flying changes for Equilence’s Giovanni

Equilence’s Giovanni (Chippendale out of Zarava elite pref IBOP-dres sport-dres PROK by Scandic, bred by C. van Etten of Galder) impresses in his canter (8.5), although the powerful stallion had a few mistakes in the flying changes. “An incredible, huge canter, although he almost has too much air time”, says Susanne Baarup. “The walk has a nice rhythm, even though we sensed some tension, a 7.8. The natural, uphill trot we value at an 8.9.” The mistakes in the flying changes and the opened mouth is punished with a 7.8 for submission and for his perspective as a dressage horse, the gorgeous KWPN-stallion receives an 8.7. Total: 78.52 and the fifth place in the end result. 

Workable Gotilas du Feuillard

A fresh Gotilas du Feuillard (Totilas out of Vital Hit S ster PROK by Ferro, bred by Unlimited Stables of Lunteren) is a workable horse according to the commentating judge Susanne Baarup. Therefore, the perspective was awarded an 8.2. The canter was named the highlight, portraying lovely pirouettes, and received an 8.3. The trot is active (7.8) and the excitement of the stallion is punished in the mark for submission (7.5). Total: 73.51% and the twelfth position. 

Gauda Vita: a beautiful dressage model

“A beautiful dressage model for the future”, is the verdict of the jury after the test of Gaudi Vita (Apache out of Vita elite pref prest IBOP-dres PROK by Welt Hit II, bred by H.W. Broos of Annen). “A positive horse that loves to do his work. The trot (8.5) is uphill and elastic. The walk is pure (7.8) and in the canter we see a nice cadence.” The Apache-son could stretch out and follow the hand more, which was taken in account in the submission (7.8). Perspective: 8.4, total: 76.56% and the ninth place. 


Picture: Dirk Caremans 

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