After two days of young show jumpers in the arena, today was the time to shine for the young dressage talents. The starting tickets for the Pavo Cup finals on Saturday have been divided, but it was a fierce battle!

6yos: Hartsuijker ahead of GLOCK’s Total U.S. 

Leading the six-year-olds’ intermediate rankings, is Hartsuijker (s.Johnson out of Balinda ster IBOP-dres PROK by Scandic, bred by M. Wolfs – van den Berg of Rekken and I.D. Wolfs of Loenersloot) presented by Dinja van Liere. “A delight to watch, he was presented in lovely, fair manner. Hartsuijker has three good basis gaits and is a display of pure harmony throughout the test,” commented judge Christa Larmoyeur. The chestnut scored 89 points, besting the KWPN-approved GLOCK’s Total U.S. that received 85.8 points with Edward Gal. GLOCK’S Total U.S. (Totilas out of Sondra by Sir Donnerhall, bred by Gestüt Lewitz of Steinfeld) showed a fantastic trot at times, but could be more consistent in this, according to Larmoyeur. “In some parts this stallion tops Hartsuijker, but to receive more points he would have to be more consistent, especially in his trot. We rewarded the canter with a 9.5, Edward Gal knows exactly how to present a horse and this gait looked the part!” 

Other finalists: 
3. Haute Couture (Connaisseur out of Destiney ster PROK by Krack C, breeders Albert Drost & Joop van Uytert)– Dinja van Liere – 83,3 points
4. Haeden (Chippendale out of Valeriecara H.J.B. PROK by Haarlem, breeder H.J. Bakker of Berkhout) – Ingrid Malan – 81,2 points
5. Hilton de L’Esprit (Johnson out of Cassy by Sandro Hit, breeder Nico Esprit of Ezegem) – Johannes Rühl – 81 points 
6. Trafalgar (Totilas out of Paola by Lord Loxley, breeder Haupt- und Landgestüt Stiftung Brandenburgisches of Neustadt) – Riccardo Sanavio - 80,4 points
7. Hiniësta (Sir Fashion out of Bratislava elite EPTM-dres PROK by Trento B, breeder fam. Schieppers of Maaseik) – Kirsten Beckers - 80,4 points
8. Haronia-Donna (Bordeaux out of Donna Maronia PROK by Wynton, breeders P. Rulkens & M.J.H. Broekmarn of Biest-Houtakker) – Joyce van Opbergen – 80 points
9. Hollywood Tarpania (Fürst Romancier out of Discovery keur IBOP-dres by Johnson, breeder R. by Erp of Oss) – Marije van Kersbergen – 79,8 points
10. Heracles (Jazz out of White Spot ster pref PROK by Don Schufro, breeder W.J.J. Goesten of Berkel-Enschot) – Theo Hanzon -  79,6 points
11. Hashtag (Cachet out of Wabiola elite IBOP-dres D-OC by Montecristo, breeder M.A. by de Goor of Herpen) – Femke de Laat – 79 points
12. Hello d’Ottie (Jazz out of Uni d’Ottie elite pref PROK by Sandro Hit, breeder T. Huizing of Donderen)– Sarah Wilkinson – 79 points

4yos: KWPN Stallion Show-champion Jameson RS2 in the lead

In a sizeable group four-year-olds it was the previous KWPN Stallion Show champion who obtained the most points. Jameson RS2 (Blue Hors Zack out of Atilinda keur pref IBOP-dres sport-dres by Negro, bred by Stal 104 in Wijdewormer) scored 93.8 points with Marieke van der Putten. Henriette Smits and Gert van den Hoorn judges this age category and were obviously charmed by the dark stallion: “Light-footed in the trot with a lovely technique in the front, while never forgetting his hind leg. The walk is good and the canter showed lots of balance and technique. One to watch for the title!” There was one more horse that scored more than 90 points: Jovian (Apache out of Zinith elite EPTM-dres D-OC by Tango, bred by E.T. den Bosch of Driel) followed with 90.6 points. 

Other finalists:
3. Jack Sparrow D.E. (Desperado out of Bijou PROK by Negro) – Katia Smets – 89,2 points
4. Jamaica (Vivaldi out of So What elite pref sport-dres PROK by Ferro, breeders R. van Heuvelen & H.F. Bernoski) – Miranda Pakvis – 87,4 points
5. Johny Depp (Bordeaux out of Wiana ster pref prest by Jazz, breeder J.A. & B. Naber of Vredenheim)– Renate van Vliet – 86,8 points
6. For Ferrero (For Romance out of Dubai Millenium by Don Crusador, breeder Stal de Biebosschen of Londerzeel)– Kim Koolen – 86 points 
7. Jason (Johnson out of Zamora B elite pref IBOP-dres PROK by Negro, breeder W. Verschuren of Heukelom) – Franka Loos – 85,4 points
8. Jheronimus (Dream Boy out of A.Bertje ster pref PROK by Jazz, breeder W.P.S. van Weert of Beesd) – Gerrel Vink – 85,4 points
9. Joe (Blue Hors Zatchmo out of Cintia ster by Vivaldi, breeder W.J.G. Raaijmakers of Nuenen) – Emmelie Scholtens – 85,2 points
10. Jaqiedo (Aqiedo out of Oziena ster pref  by Jazz, breeder C. van Manen of Ingen) – Adelinde Cornelissen – 85,2 points
11. Just Wimphof (De Niro out of Rastede elite sport-dres IBOP-dres PROK by Riccione, breeder C. Rienks-Kramer of Westerlo) – Renate van Vliet – 85,2 points
12. Jack Daniels RR (Electron out of Tradin ster by Ferro, breeder R. Franssen of Boven-Leeuwen) – Kirsten Brouwer – 84 points
13. Jester’s Dream (Dream Boy out of Amazing Grace by Tietse D, breeder T.E. Mulder-Dolsma of Dwingeloo) – Marrit Reusien – 84 points
14. Journalist (Charmeur out of Aronia elite IBOP-dres PROK by Rousseau, breeder H.A. Vingerhoets of Diessen) – Marijn van Dijk – 83,6 points
15. Especial (Everdale out of Ethel elite sport-dres IBOP-dres PROK by Vivaldi, breeder C.J.J. by Bavel of Oosterhout) – Benjamin Maljaars - 83,4 points
16. J’Ampère RS2 (Ampère out of Wolkenstuermerin by Fürst Romancier, breeder Bernhard Schwertmann of Damme) – Marieke van der Putten – 83,2 points
17. Jasmijn S (Negro out of Zietharin ster by Fürst Heinrich, breeder F. van Santvoort of Nuenen) – Lars op ’t Hoog – 83 points
18. Jatilinda (All at Once out of Atilinda keur pref IBOP-dres sport-dres by Negro, breeder Stal 104 of Wijdewormer) – Vai Bruntink – 83 points
19. Johnny Cash (Capri Sonne Jr. out of Wyomi Utopia elite IBOP-dres sport-dres PROK by Krack C, Breeder J.C. van der Endt of Yerseke) – Dinja van Liere – 82,8 points
20. Jupiter (Everdale out of Walzerfee v/d Dennehoeve elite IBOP-dres PROK by Negro, breeder A. de Haas of Sint-Oedenrode) – Ida Vavrikova – 82,8 points

Dream Boy-daughter Imagine wins with 10 for trot

The phenomenal trotting Imagine (Dream Boy out of Olivia keur sport-dres by Jackson, bred by E.M. Stam – van Waveren of Hare Hatch GBR) received 92.2 points with Bart Veeze. “The highlight was the trot, well-carried and such a natural presentation. A superb test,” praised Arie Hamoen and Toine Hoefs. The KWPN-stallion Indian Rock (Apache out of Crisjena keur pref IBOP-dres by Vivaldi, bred by J. de Bruijn of Schelluinen) obtained 90.6 points with Emmelie Scholtens. “An impressive appearance. The highest grade was earned by his canter, although we also gave 9s for his trot and perspective as a dressage horse.”

Other finalists
3. Imposantos (Wynton out of Zarina elite IBOP-dres PROK by Krack C, breeder W. Wijnen of Berlicum)– Bart Veeze – 90,4 points 
4. Inferno(Everdale out of Belize ster PROK by Trento B, breeder J. Gloudemans of Nuland) – Quinty Vossers – 87,8 points
5. Iconic B (Bon Bravour out of Niniek STV keur pref prest sport-dres by Jazz, breeder Stal de Beukenvallei of Leende)– Joyce Lenaerts – 84 points 
6. Icerole DVB (Desperados out of Acerole elite pref IBOP-dres PROK by Painted Black, breeder Dressuurstal Van Baalen of Brakel) – Jos Hogendoorn – 83,8 points
7. Intro K (Apache out of Zastrade ster pref prestatie PROK D-OC by Rousseau, breeder Daan Kösters of Schijf) – Femke de Laat – 83,2 points
8. Iwardo A F (Dorado out of Waranka PROK by Jazz, breeder L. van Aaken of Wintelre) – Cynthia Eggenkamp – 81,6 points
9. Ilas (Desperado out of Dallas Top T elite sport-dres IBOP-dres PROK by Valdez, breeder J.W.A. van Dijk of Odiliapeel) – Hanneke Ariëns – 81,6 points
10. Ironman (Ferro out of Anne elite pref IBOP-dres sport-dres PROK by Tuschinski, breeder Y. Copal of Biest-Houtakker) – Martine van Vliet – 81,4 points
11. In the Mood (Desperado out of So What elite sport-dres IBOP-dres PROK by Sandro Hit, breeder M. Prosman of Harmelen) – Margreet Prosman – 81,2 points
12. Imagine (Dream Boy out of T-Michaella elite pref prest sport-dres PROK by Biotop, breeder A. van Ballegooijen of Gameren) – Jeroen van Eck – 81 points
13. Idaylanda (Johnson out of Daylanda by Dramatic, breeders A.F.A. Byaert & C.J.F. Sips – Byaerts of Wouwse Plantage) – Jeff Heijstek – 81 points
13. Imagine (Chippendale out of Damaris ster IBOP-dres by Jazz, breeder A.S.M. Bijvelds en P.G. Bijvelds of Erp) – Laura Reija – 81 points
15. Isalita Roos (Cupido out of Salita Roos ster pref by Flemmingh, breeder A. Akkerman of Winsum) – Febe van Zwambagt – 80,6 points
16. In Design (Don Olymbrio out of Diatina elite pref IBOP-dres PROK by Metall, breeder M.A. van de Goor of Herpen) - Febe van Zwambagt – 80,4 points
17. Inanda (Rock Forever out of Unanda ster pref PROK by Olivi, breeder P. Crum of Herveld) – Marlou de Ruyter – 80,2 points
18. Isabel (Totilas out of Annabel elite pref prest PROK by De Niro, breeders G. Jansen – Blanken of Joppe & W. Jansen of Den Haag) – Charissa Buurmeijer – 80 points
19. Imposant (Everdale out of Marybelle eliet pref prest sport-dres PROK by Contango, breeder G.H. de Vries – Teeuwen of Brakel) – Laurens van Lieren – 80 points
20. Italo (Fürstenball out of Whitney ster PROK by Houston, breeder Resim Facilitair PaardenCentrum of Harskamp) – Saskia van Es – 79,8 points

All results
Pictures Hartsuijker, Jameson RS2 & Imagine: Sandra Nieuwendijk

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