The last day of the KWPN Championships is focused on the dressage sport. In the Pavo Cup, four-, five- and six-year old talents battle for the title. The new champions are Jameson RS2, Imposantos and Glock’s Total U.S. 

The KWPN-approved stallion Glock’s Total U.S. (Totilas out of Sondra by Sir Donnerhall, bred by Gestüt Lewitz in Steinfeld) proved invincible with his rider Edward Gal. Guest rider Stefanie Wolf rewarded the stallion with 98 points: “You can feel this is a horse with great potential. Glock’s Total U.S. is sensitive and has a lot of ability to collect. His canter is unbelievable, especially the transitions from the extensions back to collection feel incredible. He has a nice mouth, responds quickly to your aids and gives you an amazing feeling.” The second position was claimed by Johnson-offspring Hartsuijker (out of Balinda ster IBOP-dres PROK by Scandic, bred by M. Wolfs-van den Berg of Rekken and I.D. Wolfs of Loenersloot) that received 96 points from the guest rider. “First instance, he was a little bit tense in this big arena. After a few seconds we clicked, and I got to ride him very well. He has a natural schwung in his body and responds well to the rider.” Elitemare Haute Coutoure, last year’s winner of the Pavo Cup, scored 94 points after the guest ride. “A lovely mare to ride. She gives a reliable feeling and performs her work with ease”, concludes Wolf about the Connaisseur-daughter (out of Destiny ster PROK by Krack C, bred by Joop van Uytert and Albert Drost. 

Imposantos maintains lead position

The KWPN-approved stallion Imposantos (Wynton out of Zarina elite IBOP-dres PROK by Krack C, breeder W. Wijnen of Berlicum) was able to hold on to his leading position and therefore won the Pavo Cup for five-year-olds. Guest rider Stefanie Wold graded him a 9.8. “So much quality in these five-year-old class”, said the German rider Sefanie Wolf that visibly enjoyed working with Imposantos. “A powerful horse that is nice to ride. In the canter he collects easily and also in the half-passes he keeps going without it costing him any effort. A horse that has a lot quality.” The big surprise of the Pavo Cup was Inferno (Everdale out of Belize ster PROK by Trento B, breeder J. Gloudemans of Nuland), scoring a 9.7 and placing second. “I really enjoyed working with this horse. He always follows the hand and changes pace easily. I cannot think of any negative thing about him.” The third position was claimed by Imagine (Dream Boy out of Olivia keur sport-dres by Jackson, bred by E.M. Stam – van Waveren of Hare Hatch GBR). “I love it when horses are sensitive. She uses her body very well, everything feels elastic and light. Overall, she might need to stretch a little more, but she gave me a great feeling.” 

Jameson RS2 wins excelling 4-year-old class 

The previous champion of the KWPN Stallion show was steered to the win in the semi-final and the final by Marieke van der Putten. Guest rider Stefanie Wolf scored Jameson RS2 (Blue Hors Zack out of Atilinda keur pref IBOP-dres sport-dres by Negro, bred by Stal 104 in Wijdewormer) a 9.8. “I have the difficult task to place these horses”, started Stefanue Wolf. “It is a great horse with an enormous canter. He was slightly nervous, but still very nice to ride.” Jovian (Apache out of Zinith elite EPTM-dres D-OC by Tango, bred by E.T. den Bosch of Driel) showed some remarkable quality in the preliminary rounds and during the warming-up for the guest ride, the Apache-son showed his balance and ability to collect as well. “It does not feel as if I’m on a four-year-old. He is completely balanced. You have seen his enormous gaits before, but he can also collect and extend on a long rein. Jovian is so easy to ride, especially for such a big horse. He gave me a comfortable feeling.” The KWPN-stallion For Ferrero (For Romance out of Dubai Millenium by Don Crusador, bred by Stal de Biebosschen in Londerzeel) also showed a good balance according to Stefanie Wolf. “Maybe he wanted to go forward a tad too much, but I rather see this than a lazy horse. For a four-year-old, he showes some great transitions.” 

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