After a thrilling team competition, Cosmo and Sönke Rothenberger brought home the gold for the German equipe. Laura Graves and Verdades safeguarded the silver for team USA and won another medal in that colour in the Grand Prix Special.

The bronze was obtained by Great-Britain, while the Netherlands placed fifth. Best Dutch rider was Edward Gal and the KWPN-recognized Glock’s Zonik N.O.P. (Blue Hors Zack out of Romantik s.Romanov, bred by Linette Jaeger from Denmark) scoring 77.18% and a seventh place. In the Grand Prix Special, the stallion seemed fitter than in the first test. 77.73% meant another seventh position for a happy Edward Gal. 

The phenomenal Isabell Werth and Bella Rose were unbeatable in the Special, but Laura Graves and Verdades put up a good fight. Verdades(Florett As uit Liwilarda ster prest van Goya, fokker familie Crum uit Herveld) and his American rider display a textbook example of training and harmony. The score turns out to be 81.71%. “If such scores are realized, the tests must have been flawless from the beginning to the end,” tells Laura Graves in the press conference. “I am happy that Verdades is a horse that always wants to do his work. Physically he is able to do everything, but sometimes I have to convince him to stay focused on me. I was very proud how he performed in the Special” 

Superstar Suppenkasper

The Spielberg-son Suppenkasper (uit Upanoeska keur IBOP-dres van Krack C) and Steffen Peters were on the American team that took the silver. Suppenkasper showcased incredible talent; the gelding was toying with the work, yet made too many mistakes for a high score. The future looks bright for the horse bred by Frans van de Poel of Haps.

“Cosmo is the best horse here”

Sönke Rothenberger helped the German team go to gold and placed 4thindividually in the Special. The rider said after the team competitions: “I am very happy with Cosmo (Van Gogh out of Lady ster prest s.Frühling, bred by S. Serrarens of Stramproy) and my ride here in Tryon. My horse has shown he is one of the best horses here, if not the very best. There a few horses with three excellent basis gaits, so much charisma as Cosmo and that gets even better in the arena.” In The grand prix special the pair was well on their way to another medal, but in the piaffe the rhythm was slightly off and the gelding makes mistakes in both flying change series. This meant the Rothenberger saw Charlotte Dujardin and the only nine-year-old Mount St. John Freestyle climb up to bronze. 



Mediaguide KWPN-paarden

Photo Laura Graves & Verdades: Dirk Caremans


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