For 8.500 euro Desperado-daughter Noa Top T got a new owner during the fourth edition of the KWPN Online Foal Auction. “It is the first time we buy a foal online”, says Sonja de Feither enthusiastically. 

This afternoon we registered as bidder and already placed a bid to see how it works. Bidding was simple and quick, but it was quite exciting as there was another interested bidder for this foal right until the end. We had a certain maximum amount in mind and luckily we are now the new owners.”

Sonja proceeds: “We were specifically looking for a filly, as a successor for our 13-year-old broodmare Avarelle in a few years. We also bought this horse on a foal auction, although that was quite some time ago. Noa Top T comes from an established dam line with lots of sport, we find that very important. The basis must be good, especially when it comes to breeding.” Sonja produced her broodmare Avarelle to ZZ-licht level herself. “The idea is that I will also compete in sports with Noa Top T, for us it is crucial that a mare has earned her stripes in the ring first. The dam of Noa Top T competed at ZZ-licht level as well.”

Sonja adds: “It was a great experience, we think it is a big plus that the foals have been inspected by a veterinarian and a KWPN-inspector. It paints a good picture of the foal. The information on the auction site and the video looked as crafted with care too.”

The average price of the fourth KWPN Online Foal Auction averaged 3.750 euro, a few hundred above the previous edition.  The majority of the foals was sold, some of them went to foreign buyers. 7.000 euro was paid for both Name-It B (s.Schwarzgold) and Fürsten-Look offspring Nick, New Balance (s.Blue Hors Zack) exchanged ownership for 6.500 euro and Van Gogh-daughter Nellie D was sold for 6.100 euro. 

The fifth and last collection of the KWPN Online Foal Auction goes under the hammer from October 13 to 15. Coming Friday, the photo and video day of these foals takes place at the KWPN centre. Everyone is welcome to attend! 

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