KWPN horses appear in the competition arena at every level and in all disciplines. Last week the stallion Sir Sinclair turned out to have relatively the most offspring in dressage at Z1 level and above. That made us curious about the jumping sport. Which KWPN stallions have the most offspring in the sport?

Over 12,000 KWPN horses have competed at Z1 dressage or higher. But as many as 19,000 KWPN’s have a jumping score of 1.30m or higher. A total of 508 KWPN stallions have KWPN registered offspring that successfully competed at 1.30m or higher. With 933 offspring, Indoctro is by far the leader, followed by Burggraaf with 614 offspring and Numero Uno with 582. However, these three show jumper sires were also often used, making it more logical that they have more offspring in the sport.

Bacardi VDL in the lead

If we compare the number of offspring that jump 1.30m or higher against the number of KWPN-registered offspring of a stallion, this gives a more reliable picture. Instead of Indoctro, Bacardi VDL is now in the lead: 36.4% of his offspring are competed at 1.30m or higher. Bacardi VDL himself competes at the highest level under the Swiss Janika Sprunger and has a total of only 33 KWPN-registered offspring, of whom 12 are competed at 1.30m or higher. In second place, we find Heartbreaker with 33.8%, followed by Cantos with 30.2%, Hors La Loi II with 29.9%, Mr. Blue with 29.1%, Utopie with 27.9%, Padinus with 27.6%, Ukato with 26.9%, Carthino Z and Cartano with both 25.5% and Oklund with 25.4%.

Young stallions

As soon as a horse is six, it may be produced in the Z class (1.30m). It is not surprising that we see 'older', proven stallions in this top 10. The young sires have relatively many young offspring. A horse that is now six, was born in 2012. Stallions approved in 2011 for KWPN breeding are the youngest stallions with offspring at 1.30m. These are Durrant (1), Dantos (1), Dutch Design (1), Dakar VDL (4) and World Cup winner Q.Breitling LS (11). Breitling is however two years older than his colleagues from the D-year and of these eleven offspring who are competed at 1.30m, six were born in 2012. The other five were born in 2010 or 2011. The C-year is a year older: Carrera (1), Cédric (2), Charisma (4) and Crespo VDL (8). In 2010, the stallions Eldorado van de Zeshoek, Falaise de Muze, Saffier and Spartacus also received the approval for KWPN breeding. However, these stallions are slightly older and therefore have more offspring at 1.30m level: Sapphire has four, followed by Falaise de Muze with six, Spartacus with 68 and Eldorado van de Zeshoek with 120.

Grand Prix

And if we have a look at the highest level, the Grand Prix, Burggraaf takes the lead with 101 Grand Prix offspring. Indoctro follows with 100 Grand Prix offspring in second place and Concorde with 91 in third place. If we set the number of Grand Prix offspring against the number of KWPN-registered foals, Libero H will take the lead with 7.6%, he has produced 44 KWPN-registered Grand Prix horses. Followed by Heartbreaker (62 GP-horses, 6.3%), Silvio II (14 GP-horses, 4.7%), Animo (43 GP-horses, 4.7%), Celano (30 GP-horses, 4.5%), Andiamo (27 GP horses, 4.4%), Hors La Loi II (17 GP-horses, 4.4%), Lux (41 GP-horses, 3.5%), Guidam (36 GP-horses, 3.5%) and Calvados (54 GP horses, 3.4%).

Photo Bacardi VDL: Dirk Caremans

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