With a top score of 90 points, including a 10 for canter, the Pavo Cup Champion Jameson RS2 (by Blue Hors Zack) is approved for breeding. Jayson (by Johnson) and Jheronimus (by Dream Boy) also received approval with good marks.

Just like the five-year-old jumping stallion the day before, four dressage stallions did their delayed exam of the 21-day test this week. Ivanof (by Desperado) who participated in the voluntary test did not get approved, the three four-year-old stallions did.

10 for canter

Very convincing was the performance of the stallion selection champion of 2017, the Blue Hors Zack-son Jameson RS2 (out of Atilinda M keur pref IBOP-dr sport-dr by Negro) bred by Stal 104 BV from Wijdewormer. Last summer he was accepted for performance testing for the second time via the Pavo Cup, which he won ridden by Marieke van der Putten. "Jameson RS2 did an excellent job with a great canter, an impressive front end and a lot of power in movement", says senior inspector Wim Versteeg. With a 10 (!) For canter, the powerful Blue Hors Zack-son came out on a top score of 90 points. For the suppleness and posture & balance he got a 9.5 next to 9's for the trot, rideability and talent as dressage horse.

Very trainable

Also Jayson (Johnson from Zamora B elite IBOP-dr pref PROK from Negro, breeder: W. Verschuren from Heukelom) registered with Van Olst Horses and Jheronimus (Dream Boy from A.Bertje ster pref PROK from Jazz, breeder and registered party W.P.S. van Weert from Beesd ) are approved with a convincing total. With 9's for the canter and rideability Jayson got 84.5 points, and the Dream Boy-son earned five times an 8.5 with a total of 83 points. "Jayson has a great workability, moves with a lot of power and has a strong model. Jheronimus is a light-footed, well-moving stallion who is also very rideable." The complete reports will be published soon.




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