Last week the first round viewing for the dressage stallions took place at the KWPN center. In total, the jury could select 107 stallions to show themselves again in ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

With 18 young stallions selected and one older stallion, Cum Laude (s.Apache),  directly referred to the third round viewing, the first day the first round viewings of the dressage horses started off well. Especially in the second half of the day a bunch of nice stallions came into the arena. "In the beginning it was a little bit of a search but later we could easily select several stallions. In general, we have been able to select well-build stallions for the second round viewing, with a nice way of moving", explains Stallion Selection Committee chairman Bert Rutten. "On the hard surface, it already started pretty well in terms of correctness of conformation and we are happy with the stallions we selected on the first day."

Multiple sons

Apache had three sons selected for the KWPN Stallion Show in Den Bosch, including the 8-year-old Cum Laude (mv.Weltmeyer) from Stal 104, whose descendants have already been seen. For him, an assessment on the hard surface and a presentation in walk in the group was enough. Cum Laude is already successful at Small Tour level with Vai Bruntink. Sir Donnerhall (2), Vivaldi (2) and Zonik (3) also had several sons to the second viewing.
On the second day, no less than 21 out of the 49 stallions inspected received the green light from the stallion selection committee. Among them are four sons of Bordeaux and three of Desperado. "Compared to the day before it was better with the leg conformation so that started well. We also had a few fine stallions in the arena in loose movement, really moving through the body from back to front", says Bert Rutten as chairman of the stallion selection committee. From the Grand Prix stallions Bordeaux (4), Desperado (3), Charmeur (2) and Dream Boy (3) several sons could be selected for the second round viewing. "It is nice to see that such stallions seem to prove themselves in both sport and breeding. As far as the pedigree is concerned, it might be good to emphasize once again that we take the technical breeding background into consideration only in a positive way in the first round viewing. This means that we can give interestingly bred stallions with a satisfactory performance and correct conformation the chance to prove themselves in Den Bosch again. "

Interesting groups

Also on the third day an interesting group of stallions could be invited for the next round. Ferdeaux got the most through with four sons. "We really saw a bunch of fine horses that day. Stallions that can move well and have correct, well-developed models. That gives good hope for the continuation of the stallion selection in Den Bosch in early February” says Bert Rutten. Ferdeaux, who made a very strong debut at Small Tour level with Hans Peter Minderhoud recently, made a good impression with four selected sons. The one year older El Capone got three sons into the second round.
The fourth day, according to the jury, was a day with ups and downs. There were at least 16 'ups', because that is how many stallions could be selected for the next round, including six sons of Governor. "On the hard surface it started well this morning, but unfortunately they did not all live up to the expectations when moving freely. For some stallion, the correctness of the legs also stood in the way of referral to Den Bosch. So a total of 16 stallions is good, but we had secretly hoped for a bit more that day.” A total of 49 dressage stallions were judged on this day. As said, top supplier Governor got six sons to Den Bosch, Glamourdale also did well with four sons and Glock's Toto Jr. three.
Fortunately, the last regular day of the first viewing turned out to be a good one. 21 dressage stallions could be added to the collection for Den Bosch, including six sons from the first crop of Grand Galaxy Win, four from High Five. and two from Gotcha-Utopia. The young stallions left a strong impression. "It was a good day and we are happy with the 21 stallions that we have been able to add", says Bert Rutten. "We have seen a lot of good models and a good way of moving. A stallion like Grand Galaxy Win seems to put a clear stamp and that is an interesting fact as well."


After a fruitful after-inspection, the total number of dressage stallions selected for Den Bosch came to 107. Two older stallions could, on the basis of their performances, be invited equally  for the third viewing, this concerns the Small Tour-stallions All At Once (by Ampere) and Crosby (by Chippindale). "Because of their own performances, these stallions don’t have to show free movement and are allowed to go directly to the third viewing, provided they will show offspring prior to Den Bosch", explains Bert Rutten. Grand Galaxy Win got his seventh and eighth son through on this final day, and also young stallions like Daily Diamond, Governor, Ferdeaux, Glock's Toto Jr. and Hennessy got some more sons through in this after-inspection. This makes that also Governor has eight sons going to Den Bosch.

 "After this after-inspection, we can conclude that we are going to Den Bosch with a very fine collection. We are hopeful, also because we have been able to select stallions that are not only capable of moving well and are well modeled, but also have a lot of sport in the dam-line. "In addition, several foreign-bred stallions were selected for the second round viewing. "Those stallions could possibly contribute to blood distribution in Dutch breeding." At the after inspection, sons of Millennium and Morricone also received green light for instance.

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