Wednesday the dressage stallions came together to compete in the Anemone Horsetrucks Stallion Competition. Hermès, In Style, Imposantos, Jameson RS2 and Ibsen B were the winners.

In the class Z / ZZ, Dinja van Liere rode two stallions. Ermelo medalist Hermès took the victory with 84 points and Geniaal managed to finish a place higher than in the first leg of the Stallion Competition. "At the beginning of my test with Hermès the alarm went off and because of that I just did not have the focus that I had when I was warming up. We were both out of our concentration", explains Dinja van Liere about the performance of the Easy Game-son (out of Bukkie keur pref EPTM-dres, breeder G. Gijsbers from Loosbroek). "He kept doing his job and paying attention, although I noticed that it can be done much better. It was certainly good, but not as nice as the past time. "
Vivaldi-son Geniaal performed a strong test. After our test I thought he could make it difficult for Hermès. It is a real competition horse. Genius continued to give his best. He kept on going nicely in the trot and his canter is just impressive." The breeding product of the Traa family was awarded 81 points. The third place was for Glock's Trafalgar (Totilas out of Paola of Lord Loxley), who scored 79 points under Riccardo Sannavio.

In Style and Imposantos share the win in M class

In the five-year-old devision, the victory in the Anemone Horsetrucks Stallion Competition Dressage was shared by Imposantos and In Style. Where Bart Veeze was the winner in the first leg, he now had to share that place with Renate van Uytert - van Vliet. "In Style actually went very well. I had a really nice ride", Renate van Uytert - van Vliet reflects. The son of Eye Catcher (out of Sissy by Lorentin I, breeder Joop van Uytert) scored a 9 for the trot, the canter and the general impression, in which jury spokesperson Adriaan Hamoen said having enjoyed the duo. The stallion scored an 8.5 for the walk. A component that, according to the rider, can certainly be improved. "He could just walk with more ease and make a better connection towards the bit. In free walk, we can get this for sure, but in the test he is so zealous, that we can not really get it right. All in all I had a lovely ride and I am certainly happy with this victory. In Style gives a super feeling and always wants to do his best. In the ring he adds that little extra. 

Indian Rock and Iconic B shared third

The third place was shared by Indian Rock and Iconic B. Apache-son Indian Rock (out of Crisjena keur pref IBOP-dres of Vivaldi, breeder J. de Bruin from Schelluinen) scored for almost all marks an 8.5, the canter was with rated a 9. Hamoen praised the overall picture of the stallion presented by Emmelie Scholtens. Iconic B (Bon Bravour from Niniek STV keur pref sport-dres vof Jazz, breeder stal de Beukenvallei) showed a nice performance with Joyce Lenaerts and was also judged with 86 points, the walk was with a 9 the highlight.

Jameson RS2 of exceptional quality

It was the recently KWPN-approved Blue Hors Zack-son Jameson RS2 who showed an exceptional level in the L class of the Anemone Horsetrucks Stallion Competition. Marieke van der Putten rode the stallion, that cantered for a 10, to 94 points. "It's just a fantastic horse, I can be short about that", says Marieke van der Putten enthusiastically about the breeding product of Stal 104. "I had my hands full in the warm-up. It is of course a lot colder and he is quite a lot of stallion. At those times, Jameson RS2 is a lot of horse to ride. In the test I just noticed that he kept his concentration, that is very special of such a horse. I had the feeling that I could show him nicely. "The walk was awarded the lowest mark with an 8.5. The trot yielded a 9.5 for the Blue Hors Zack-son (out of Atilinda M keur pref IBOP-dres sports dres of Negro) and the excellent canter got another 10. Just Wimphof, presented by Renate van Uytert - van Vliet, was scored with 87 points. With that, the De Niro-son (out of Rastede elite sport dres IBOP dres PROK by Riccione, breeder C. Rienks - Kramer) stayed in front of for For Ferrero. This son of For Romance (out of Dubai Millennium by Don Crusador, breeder: Stal de Biebosschen) ridden by Kim Koolen got 85 points.
In the stallion competition for Gelder Horses was Ibsen B the winner.


Photo: Digishots

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