After two days of jumping, it is time for the dressage horses on Friday, February 1st! This evening will be filled with the finals of the Anemone Horse Trucks Stallion Competition Dressage, the young stallions that were approved in 2018, various shows and the VHO Trophy! Who will follow Desperado on the list of VHO Trophy winners?

The participants are known and it promises to be a real fight between the KWPN stallions! What is interesting about the VHO Trophy is that a Small Tour horse can compete against Grand Prix horses. Each stallion does a short test at his own level. Promising names such as Governor, Giovanni, Grappa, Double Dutch and Ferdinand are on the paticipants list. Besides Giovanni, Franka Loos also rides George Clooney and the Ukrainian Inna Logutenkova competes Eye Catcher and Ferguson. Former rider of these stallions, Kirsten Brouwer, will try her best with Ghandi.

All chances are open

For Double Dutch and Ferdinand it is the second time they participate in the VHO Trophy. Last year the latter was good for 83%, a third place. But the battle has certainly not been fought and all chances are open.

Kür specialist Joost Peters

After the success of last year, where kür-specialist Joost Peters musically accompanied the performances in the arena, the VHO Trofee will be held in the same way this year. Joost Peters is present in the arena and responds to what he sees with fitting music. The riders will ride a free test, in which they can show the strengths of their stallions optimally.

Judge with us

Just like last year, spectator judging is also possible again. Your judgment counts towards the final result. Download the Spectator Judging App at home via the App Store or Google Play. In addition to the audience, Mariette Sanders is the jury for the VHO Trophy.The pre-sale of the tickets is now in full swing. As a KWPN member, you will receive a substantial discount on the admission tickets as usual. Just like in previous years, you only need one card for the whole day and evening together. If you arrive at the Brabanthallen later in the day on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, after 4 pm you can buy a ticket at a discounted price. Tickets at the door, only based on availability. Would you like to know more about the KWPN Stallion Show or view the program? Read on here.

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