To come to a well-considered stallion choice, a breeder can collect as much information as possible from the stallions he has in mind. The breeding values contain a wealth of information and are a useful tool for making stallion choices. The breeding values of the KWPN stallions are updated every year and the information collected in 2018 has also been bundled in the new breeding values.


The overviews of the most important breeding values of the dressage, jumping, harness horse and Gelder stallions can be found via the links below.

Breeding Values Dressage 2019

Breeding Values jumping 2019

Breeding Values Harness Horses 2019

Breeding Values Gelder Horses 2019

Breeding Values Thoroughbred 2019

You can find the extensive breeding values per trait per stallion in the KWPN Database under the header ‘Genetic Profile’. With the search function you can also choose the 'Breeding Values' option to select stallions with specific breeding values. The breeding values of mares can be viewed individually in the KWPN Database, also under the headier ‘genetic profile’. For all horses, the reliability of the breeding value must be 30% or higher to be eligible for publication.

​Jazz in the lead

Jazz has been the most well-known dressage stallion for years and for a reason. The Cocktail son is again at the top of the ranking for stallions with the highest reliability (90% and higher). Westpoint already made a substantial increase last year in the dressage stallion group with a reliability between 80% and 89%, this year it has risen to the first place. Westpoint is one of the fourteen approved sons of Jazz, he also competed at international Grand Prix level. In the group of dressage stallions with at least ten offspring in the sport but a reliability lower than 80%, a son of Jazz is also in the lead: Chagall D&R, a descendant of the well-known De Niro daughter Annabel, who has one of the highest breeding values for mares herself.

GLOCK’s Toto Jr. fastest climber

Of all dressage stallions, the stallion GLOCK’s Toto Jr. experienced the largest breeding value increase this year. The first approved son of the legendary Totilas was approved in 2014 with 86 points. The second fastest climber is the Painted Black-son Ebony, who is active in the Small Tour. Ferguson is number three on this list.

Heartbreaker in the lead

The preferent stallion Heartbreaker is at the top of the breeding value ranking of jumpers with the highest reliability (90% and higher). Just like in previous years, the preferent stallion, who will be thirty years old this year, is in the lead. In the second group of jumping stallions (80% to 89% reliability), the stallion Untouchable managed to maintain his leading position. He was active at international 1.60m level. In the last group of jumping stallions with at least ten offspring in the sport but a reliability lower than 80%, Bacardi VDL has made major progress. The stallion, who is very successful at the highest level himself, has risen from fourth to first place.

Eldorado van de Zeshoek makes a rise

At the last KWPN Stallion Show, Clinton-son Eldorado van de Zeshoek was awarded the keur predicate. In addition, this Grand Prix stallion has undergone the largest increase in breeding value among the jumping stallions. The breeding value of Van Gogh has also risen significantly in the last year, he is in second place when it comes to the largest increase. Ridden by Marco Kutscher, the seventeen-year-old Van Gogh was active in sports until recently, when it was announced that he said goodbye to the sport and  would focus entirely on breeding. Zacharov is the third fastest riser. Just like Eldorado van de Zeshoek, he is a son of Clinton.

Explanation breeding values

Every performance of a horse can be seen as the sum of predisposition (genetic predisposition of the horse) and environmental influences (training, rider, management, nutrition, etc.), also called the environment. For breeding it is about the genetic predisposition, because only that is passed on to the offspring. A breeding value is an estimate of that genetic predisposition. The KWPN calculates breeding values for sports, movement, conformation and health characteristics. More information about the calculation and application of the breeding values can be found in the article below.

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