The foal season has started, a very exciting time and most likely the best time of the year for all breeders. The first foals have now been born and stallion choices for this year are already being considered. Just like in recent years, an increased amount of foals were registered with KWPN last year. More than 11,000 KWPN foals were born. Curious which stallions have registered the most dressage foals? Then read this week's Do you know?

The jumper foals are in the majority with over 5,600 registered with the KWPN last year, followed by the dressage foals with almost 4,700. Nearly 600 Harness Horse foals were registered and the number of Gelder type foals was almost 200. This week we have listed the top 5 dressage suppliers for you.

Just Wimphof main supplier

Was it the popular GLOCK’s Toto Jr. last year who was leading as main supplier, this year this honor goes to five-year-old Just Wimphof with 234 foals. As a newcomer in this ranking, he immediately takes the lead. De Niro-son Just Wimphof was approved in 2017 with 86 points with only 8.5s and 9s for the rideability and attitude and talent for dressage. Under Renate van Uytert-van Vliet, the stallion finished in the top 3 during the Anemone Horse Trucks Stallion Competition pre-selections and also scored high in the Pavo Cup last summer.

Places 2 to 5

With 55 foals less, last year's front runner, GLOCK's Toto Jr., is in second place. This eight-year-old Totilas-son is registered 179 times as the father of the KWPN foals born in 2018. In third place we see the six-year-old Incognito (v.Davino V.O.D.), who was allowed to show no less than five of his foals at the National Foal Inspection last year. Just like Just Wimphof, he is also new in this ranking. With 138 foals, GLOCK's Dream Boy (by Vivaldi) is the oldest stallion in this top five. Compared to last year, he dropped one place to fourth position in this top 5. Under Hans Peter Minderhoud, he has shown a huge progression in the international Grand Prix in recent months with scores above 80%. This weekend, this combination will try to win in the last points for the World Cup Final during the international five-star competition Indoor Brabant. With one foal less than GLOCK's Dream Boy, the seven-year-old Daily Diamond is the last one in this ranking. Last summer this Daily Deal-son was the main supplier of the National Foal Inspection.

Young stallions

If we look at the young stallions, in this case stallions that are less than 8 years old this year, 57% of all KWPN registered foals have a young stallion as a father. Among the top five are Just Wimphof, GLOCK’s Toto Jr, Incognito and Daily Diamond. Indian Rock follows in fifth place with 122 KWPN registered foals.

Total numbers

The stallions from the top 5 together have 851 foals in total and that is over 18% of the total number of KWPN registered dressage foals. A lot lower than in 2017, when the top 5 accounted for more than 1,000 foals, a quarter of the total number of KWPN registered dressage foals. In 2018 320 different stallions signed for the paternity of these KWPN registered dressage foals. Of these 320 stallions, 236 stallions had 1 to 10 foals registered at the KWPN last year. 42 stallions scored 11 to 25 foals, 15 stallions 26 to 50 foals and 15 stallions registered 51 to 100 foals at the KWPN. Nine stallions have 101 to 140 offspring, in total this group provides the most foals: 1,115 in total, which is almost 24% of the total. Three stallions sired more than 140 foals last year.Are you expecting your (first) foal soon? Or are you planning to breed in the future? We have listed a few things about this. More information about registering your foal(s), with the All-in Foal Registration you only have to register your foal online and we will take care of the rest for you. We also offer a discount on applying for the D-OC predicate from your foal.

KWPN/YBF, Photo Just Wimphof: Van Uytert

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