This week the stallion performance test has started. For the first time, this test will also be 50 days in the spring, just like in the fall-test. Eleven dressage stallions and eighteen jumper stallions have temporarily moved into the stables of KWPN.

Both days the stallions were presented under the saddle with their own rider and subsequently clinically inspected. The spring test for the three-year-old stallions is almost three weeks shorter than before, and partly because of that there are requirements for the trainability and displayed qualities under saddle. Certainly in the case of the four-year-old dressage stallions, where the bar is again somewhat higher, fewer stallions could start the performance test than expected. Of one three- and one four-year-old dressage stallion, the rider fell off and both stallions can be retested for delivery next Tuesday.

A total of 19 jumper stallions took part in this presentation, in which they had to show for the first time a number of jumps from trot and canter under their own rider. “That gave a somewhat mixed picture. They are young horses, at a strange venue, and they were not always with their focus on the work", says committee chairman Cor Loeffen. “We looked at whether they are sufficiently trainable and on the aids, and whether they are good enough to ride to an obstacle. In our opinion, one stallion still lacked the strength and he can come back in the fall test. ”This concerns 11, Etoulon VDL x Vingino. “The majority of the stallions were in good condition, but we could see that the preparation was very varied. Some owners may have thought about it too easily, but we have good hope with these stallions. In the coming weeks we hope to get a good impression of their natural talent.” In the group of stallions that got a stable at het KWPN center is also the champion of the KWPN Stallion Show 2018, Kannan Jr.

Succefully prestented are:

Dressage stallions

30) Livius-Utopia (Bordeaux x Vivaldi)

33) Legend (Desperado x Ehrentusch)

34) Leandro (Don Romantic x Krack C)

36) Luxor (Ebony x Charmeur)

37) NN (For Romance x Don Schufro)

39) Lloyd (Governor x Charmeur)

40) Livingstone (Grand Galaxy Win x Uphill)

41) Lest of Lantana (Sir Donnerhall x Hemmingway)

42) NN (Totilas x De Niro)

43) Ladignac (Zonik x Apache)

45) Kaiser Weltino (Dante Weltino x Vivaldi)


Jumper stallions


1) Larezzo (Arezzo VDL x Diamant de Semilly)

3) Louis W (Cicero Z x Mermus R)

4) Qulano van het Keizershof (Cohinoor VDL x Carthago)

5) Lescours (Cohinoor VDL x Numero Uno)

6) Little Pony (Cohinoor VDL x Emilion)

7) Quornet STN (Cornet Obolensky x Dakota VDL)

8) Lornet Balou E (Cornet’s Balou x Numero Uno)

9) Ludovicus A (Edinburgh x Balou du Rouet)

10) Lowlands (Etoulon VDL x Lux)

12) Livano (Falaise de Muze x Manhattan) (vrijwillig)

13) Leviathan (For Pleasure x Untouchable Z)

14) Lavsco Gold Fortuna (Glenfiddich VDL x Nimmerdor)

15) Le Quirky JR (Grandorado TN x Canabis Z)

17) La Costa ES (Mosito van het Hellehof x Cumano)

18) Laidback Luke WM (Stakkato Gold x Guidam)

19) Lay Out (Verdi x Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve)

25) Kincsem (Carrera VDL x Ginus)

27) Kannan Jr. (Cornet Obolensky x Quick Star)

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