On March 4, the Kannan son Odon RS was born at Redmill Stables in Enschede. His owners had the genomic breeding value for OC calculated for the colt foal. Odon RS is the first foal this year to receive the d-OC predicate, which he received in April.

Odon RS was bred by Redmill Stables out of the Corland daughter Saskia, a mare who has the elite, preferent and prestatie predicates. "We think this foal can be very interesting for the stallion gradings in two years," said breeder Ditmar Dunkirk-Jense.

 “In the past, we had all mares, that we were going to use for breeding, PROK inspected. Since d-OC is available, we have applied for this predicate for all fillies. This way, you already know as a foal whether they are genetically interesting and if you want to keep a filly for breeding, that is very useful. This year we also decided to keep a colt foal. Because we want to participate in the stallion grading process, we decided to do the DNA test now. If the breeding value would have been too low, we could have altered our decision. We have also acquired an older mare this year and have also applied for a D-OC predicate for her; you don’t x-ray an older mare that quickly, but it is good to know that she is genetically okay. ”

The genomic breeding value for osteochondrosis indicates the genetic predisposition for inheritance of OC. The research focuses on heredity and is up to three times more reliable for breeding purposes than the PROK study. An important advantage for the breeder is that he / she already has knowledge of the OC inheritance of this horse with a young horse. The OC breeding value is available for both mares and stallions, thanks to the DNA test this breeding value can now be calculated at a much earlier stage.

The DNA test and the d-OC predicate are available for dressage and jumping horses of all ages. However, if you apply for the d-OC predicate immediately when registering your riding horse foal, you will receive a discount. You will pay 150 euros for the application for the D-OC predicate which is a discount of 31.50 Euros. The DNA test is performed with a hair sample, 4 to 6 weeks after receiving these hairs you can expect to find the result in My KWPN. Horses with a genomic breeding value for OC that is higher than 95 receive the d-OC predicate. This predicate can be used to obtain the elite predicate for a mare.

Are you expecting your first foal soon? Or are you planning to breed in the future? We have listed useful tips, the most frequently asked questions and information about breeding and registering your foal(s).

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