The auction collection for the Young Jumping Foal Sale will be recorded on video and photo in a month. Our KWPN inspectors, Henk Dirksen, Arnold Kootstra and Wim Versteeg, search the entire country for the best and most interesting foals. Have you already registered your foal?

The Young Jumping Foal Sale distinguishes itself with its specific requirements. For example, the jumping foals all descend from young stallions. In this case, young stallions are stallions whose oldest offspring will be two years old this year. These are stallions that have been approved by the KWPN after the fall test 2015 or later. Requirements are not only imposed on the stallions, but also on the maternal side. The dams need to have competed at a 1.30m level or higher or are in possession of the ‘Prestatie’ predicate. Mares with the predicate prestatie have already proven to pass on ‘sport’ to their offspring and are therefore also interesting as the mother of the auction foals.

“We want to make it as easy as possible for breeders. That's why we come to view and select the foals at home. When we think that a foal is a valuable addition to the collection, we come to view this foal again at home prior to the photo and video day. In this way we can advise the breeders on how they can ensure that the foal is presented optimally during the photo and video day and auction day", explains senior inspector Wim Versteeg. During the photo and video day, the foals are also checked by a veterinary, this information can then be obtained from the KWPN inspectors.

The first edition of the Young Jumping Foal Sale was successful. Eleven jumping foals went under the hammer, 100% were sold at an average price of almost 6,500 euros. Just like last year, the auction is held during the final day of the Blom Cup at the KWPN Championships. “By organizing the auction on the final day of the Blom Cup, we are able to reach an interesting target group: people involved in both sport and breeding. Nice to see how these people came together last year and together made the auction a success", concludes Wim Versteeg.

Do you want to register your foal for the second edition of the Young Jumping Foal Sale? Then contact Rianka Hazeleger via or via +31 314-255511. The photo and video day is Wednesday July 17 in Ermelo. The collection will be available online in due course on the auction website The Young Jumping Foal Sale takes place on Thursday 15 August in Ermelo.

More information about the Young Jumping Foal Sale and our other foal auctions

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