A week and a half ago, eleven new jumping stallions and eight new dressage stallions were added to the KWPN approved stallion list. Young, promising stallions that hopefully will be used well by the breeders. We searched the KWPN Database for the figures behind the performance test over the past ten years.

This year, the spring performance test lasted 50 days instead of 70 for the first time. The performance test has been in existence since the late 1970s and a total of 1,007 riding horse, harness horse and Gelder stallions have been approved for KWPN breeding during that time. Over the past ten years, 199 jumping, 134 dressage, 30 harness horse and 10 Gelder stallions have been approved through the performance test, plus the recently approved stallions. Eight older stallions were approved after the five-day stay in the stables for a short assessment.

38% scores a 9

The highest score achieved in the performance test is 90 points. The jumping stallion Grand Slam VDL (by Cardento, breeder F. Kenis from Sint-Lenaarts BEL) and the dressage stallions Jameson RS2 (by Blue Hors Zack, breeder Stal 104 BV from Wijdewormer) and Kjento (by Negro, breeder A.J. van Os from Sprang-Capelle) all three managed to receive this score. Jameson RS2 is the only stallion to receive a 10 in the past ten years, he received this for his canter. If we look at all stallions from all breeding directions, 38% of the stallions score a 9 or higher on one or more trades. In this year's spring performance test, 26% of the stallions managed to do so. On average, the dressage stallions score 82 points for their performance testing and the jumping stallions 80.9 points.

88 points for Le Quirky

The highest points of this year's spring performance test were for the jumping stallion Le Quirky (s.Grandorado TN, breeder J. Jonker from Hattem), he received 88 points and five times a 9. Followed by the four-year-old champion stallion Kannan Jr. (by Cornet Obolensky, breeders M.G. Kramer van der Meer from Oud-Beijerland & S. van der Lei from Sint-Michielsgestel) with 86.5 points and four times a 9. The third and last jumping stallion with a 9 for one of the components is the Verdi son Lay Out (breeder J.J. Ilbrink & J.H. Ilbrink-Lueks from Barchem). He received a 9 for his scope and scored a total of 81 points. Among the dressage stallions was the highest score for Livius (s.Bordeaux, breeder: R. van de Heuvel from Waalwijk), he received 84.5 points for his performance and scored a 9 on rideability and attitude. The second stallion with a 9, also for rideability and attitude, is Ladignac (by GLOCK's Zonik, breeder Dressage stable Nathalie Smeets from Rhenoy). He received a total of 83.5 points.

Over the past ten years, when looking at all breeding directions, 36,535 foals, whose sire is a KWPN stallion that has been approved during the past ten years after the performance test, have been registered with the KWPN. Charmeur has 1,299 KWPN foals born before 2019. This is the highest number of these stallions. Eldorado van de Zeshoek follows with 1,075 KWPN foals and Everdale with 990 KWPN foals born before 2019. Cizandro has the most KWPN foals as a harness horse stallion, namely 456 and Henkie is the highest rated Gelderland stallion with 148 KWPN foals.

Spring and autumn test

Stallions that have been accepted for  for the performance test after the stallion inspection can start at several moments. A stallion can be offered as a three-year-old for the spring and fall tests and as a four-year-old for the spring test. In the past ten years, 57% of the stallions participated in the spring performance test and 79% of the approved stallions participate in the performance test as a three-year-old.

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