Last spring, the performance test for three-year-old stallions was shortened from 70 to 50 days as a pilot. This was partly the result of the discussions held at the time with stallion owners and breeders about the setup of the performance test. Afterwards an extensive substantive evaluation took place with the Breeding Council for riding horses, the stallion inspection committees and various stallion owners.

As a result of these discussions and the evaluation, the Breeding Council for riding horses advised the General Board to shorten the spring performance test even further from 50 to 35 days and to shorten the fall performance test from 50 to 21 days with effect from the stallion selection process of 2020 for three-year-old riding horse stallions. The General Board has adopted this advice. The upcoming fall performance test - which is still part of the stallion selection process of 2019 - will last 35 days. Approximately three weeks before the start of the fall performance test, the stallions will be ridden by their own rider in an under-saddle-presentation, where the stallion inspection committee can still give instructions on how to prepare the stallion further. For stallions that are presented in the third intake option after acceptance for performance testing (for 3-year-old stallions that were selected at the KWPN stallion show, this is the spring performance test one year after the moment of acceptance), a test period of 21 days applies, also with a saddle presentation approximately three weeks prior to delivery of the stallion to the KWPN center. The performance tests for Gelder and harness horse stallions remain unchanged in terms of duration and setup.

Below you can  find the various dates:


• Monday, October 7th through Saturday, November 23th: Autumn performance test for harness horse stallions

• Thursday, November 28th through Wednesday, December 11th: First round viewing of riding horse and Gelder stallions

• Monday, December 16th through Saturday, January 18th: Fall performance test for riding horse stallions

• Monday, March 2nd to Saturday 18th April: Spring performance test for harness horse stallions

• Monday, March 23rd through Saturday, April 25th: Spring performance test for riding horse stallions


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