Under the supervision of Ralph van Venrooij, whom started as head of the breeding department on the 1st of September, the KWPN-inspectors will start a new division of tasks coming selection season.

Henk Dirksen and Floor Dröge will start guiding the stallion selection besides the mare selection. In this task they will advise the stallion selection committee with technical information. Because the same inspectors will be present while judging the mares as well as the stallions, the mare- and stallion selection will be closer connected. Arnold Kootstra will be seen more at the mare selection, for which he will also become the contact person. He is also part of the inspection team of the show jumping mares in the EPTM. Besides this he will keep on judging the IBOP and young horse competitions. On top of this, chipping and several inspection tasks will still be included in his position. He is also the regional inspector (show jumping) of Gelderland, Limburg, Noord-Brabant, Drenthe and Zuid Holland.

Wim Versteeg will be working in the area of promotion and sales, besides several of his inspection tasks. Ralph van Venrooij: “The inspection team was functioning really well, but due to the specific tasks which the inspectors were performing, the way of working was also vulnerable. In the context of continuity and development within the team we chose for a new setup, in which there is worked together closely on the one hand and on the other hand the inspectors will be able to apply their knowledge and experience in new or additional tasks. ”Floor Dröge will stay responsible for the dressage horses, in the stallion selection Henk Dirksen will focus completely on the show jumping horses, but will keep on judging the dressage mares. Henk will also stay active as regional inspector of Overijssel, Flevoland and Utrecht and as the contact person of KWPN-NA. Besides this both of them will keep on judging the IBOP and will still perform several inspection tasks, such as the jury training. Floor Dröge will also be involved in the Pavo Cup, the EPTM-judging of the dressage mares and she is a part of the selection committee of the World Championship for young dressage horses.

Besides the stallion selection, Wim Versteeg has been active in the sales of the breeding products of our members. Several new initiatives are being developed in this area, in which Versteeg will be in charge. In the inspection area he will stay an inspector of the Gelder horse, the internal supervisor of the Harness horses and he will be judging the mares at inspections coming season. He will also take over the task of Henk Dirksen as coordinator EPTM. Ralph van Venrooij: “The members have mentioned, in amongst others the Breeding Café’s, that they think the sales activities are an important task of the studbook. It is essential that there is a contact person with a good network and we think Wim Versteeg is the right person for this. He has been active in several sales activities, among which the online foal auctions, the Young Jumping Foal Sale and the Online Stallion Auction. From now on Wim will also have the KWPN Select Sale under his supervision.”

On Wednesday the 27th of November the first round viewing will start. In this selection Henk Dirksen and Floor Dröge will support the stallion selection committee as advisor, in which they will be supported by Wim Versteeg in the background. On the 16th of December the stallions will arrive for the performance test. Wim Versteeg will still have the part as coordinator in this test, in which Dirksen and Dröge will be at his side to gain some experience. Van Venrooij: “I have received enthusiastic responses about the new division of tasks from the inspection department. We have faith that with this way the mare- and stallion selection and the service towards our members can be optimized.”

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