The KWPN Online Foal Auctions are a known concept and seems to be a true success. Past summer many breeders were helped again with the sales of their foals and over the half of the sold foals went abroad.

Also the recently closed KWPN Online Stallion Auction, with stallions from the first round viewing, seems to be a success.  A big part of the stallions will move abroad again. The goal of the KWPN is to help the members with the sales of their young horses.

The key to success
The success of the auctions? Transparency, the KWPN-inspector that has judged all auction foals or horses and the veterinary check. Besides this the KWPN-inspector is happy to answer any question the potential buyers have about the collection. This service is used regularly.

KWPN Online Broodmare & Embryo Auction
The new auction year starts with the KWPN Select Sale, a fixed part of the KWPN Stallion Show. In contrast to the online auctions, this is one of the physical auctions that the KWPN (co)organizes. Closely after the KWPN Select Sale, on Monday February 10, the digital hammer will drop for a new auction: the KWPN Online Broodmare & Embryo Auction.

Genetically high quality
During the Online Foal Auctions this year a view broodmares were already sold and that hasn’t gone unnoticed by the KWPN breeders. Regularly the question is asked whether an online auction for multiple broodmares can be organized. That is how this new auction was born. Condition for these mares is that they are genetically interesting and that they are carrying a foal of an interesting stallion. Besides this genetically interesting embryos will be added to the auction. Past summer two embryos were already sold successfully in the online auction, and this seems to be a nice addition to the auctions.  

 Good mares are the starting point
“The progressive breeder and the new generation breeders, realizes that they have to start with good mares. The costs to raise a horse and to have them trained are high, but if you have a horse with normal qualities in training, or one that is better, doesn’t change the costs. Besides this there are several KWPN members that breed with mares out of proven dam lines, but want to reduce in horses due to their age or because they have too many. How convenient is it for these breeders if we can support them in the sales this way”, Wim Versteeg says enthusiastic about the new initiative.

Collection known in the last week of January
The collection of this new online auction  will be online in the week of the KWPN Stallion Show on the auction platform Of course the collection is also visible in the stand of the KWPN and the KWPN Select Sale. The KWPN Sales team is happy to answer all questions about the collection and the sales in general.

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