Last week, we announced that Just Wimphof is the absolute leader in the ranking when it comes to the number of dressage foals sired in 2019. This week, we took a dive in the KWPN Database in search of the jumper stallions who sired the most foals born last year. In 2019, almost 11.000 foals were born, of which almost 5.500 jumper foals.

The top 5 sires of the jumper foals that were born last year is as follows:

  1. Poker de Mariposa TN: 185 foals
  2. Jardonnay VDL: 148 foals
  3. Harley VDL: 141 foals
  4. Carrera VDL: 135 foals
  5. Arezzo VDL: 109 foals

Stallions In Total
In total, the stallions of the top 5 together produced 718 foals and that is well over 13% of the total number of KWPN-registered jumper foals. That is roughly the same percentage as in 2018. Last year, 504 different stallions were noted as sire of a KWPN-registered jumper foal. Of these 504 stallions, 381 stallions registered between 1 and 10 foals, and 62 stallions registered between 11 to 25 foals. 38 stallions fathered 26 to 50 foals and 18 stallions registered between 51 and 100 foals. The conclusion is that the stallions that sired between 26 and 50 foals had the biggest contribution: more than 1.300 foals in total. Of these stallions, Verdi TN (Quidam de Revel out of Clarissa s.Landgraf I, breeder Veehandel Musterd from Made), Kallmar VDL (Carrera VDL out of Geluk-Olaris elite IBOP-spr sport-spr PROK s.Indorado, breeders H.B. Dirksen and M.A. Hylkema from Tirns) and Cohinoor VDL (Cornet Obolensky out of Sophia s.Stakkato, breeder H. Ramsbrock from Menslage) each accounted for 50 jumper foals. Compared to the dressage foals, breeders in the jumping direction use much more different stallions.

Poker de Mariposa TN
Poker de Mariposa TN is the only not KWPN-approved or recognized stallion in this ranking ánd he is the youngest stallion of this list. With this, de five-year-old newcomer is immediately aming high with taking the first place. He is registered as the sire of 185 foals in 2019.

Jardonnay VDL
We find the former champion of the KWPN Stallion Show, Jardonnay VDL (Kanna out of Duzella elite pref IBOP-spr D-OC s.Indoctro, breeder J. van Gestel from Hilvarenbeek), on second place in this ranking with 148 foals, over 40 more than in 2018. Last year, he was ranked fifth in this list. With his rider Jur Vrieling, the son of Kannan was able to impress in the Blom Stallion Competition.

Harley VDL
Last year, Harley VDL (Heartbreaker out of Larthago stb pref prest sport-spr s.Carthago, breeder M. van de Bruggen of Goirle) was leading this ranking. This time he is good for the third spot but with more foals than last year. Aged nineteen at the moment, the preferent stallion still seems very popular among our breeders.

Carrera VDL
De recognized stallion Carrera VDL (Cardento out of Vantiels Esprit elite prest sport-spr PROK s.Baloubet du Rouet, breeder K. Muys from Oterleek) was leading this list in 2017, did not appear on the list in 2018 and is back now on fourth place. He was good for 135 KWPN-jumper foals in 2019. With his rider Jur Vrieling he is already competing on the highest level in sports for years.

Arezzo VDL
With just a handful less foals than in 2018, Arezzo VDL (Chin Chin out of Sarjolijn ster prest s.Heartbreaker, breeder H. Mulder from Blankenham) sired 109 jumper foals in 2019. With these numbers, he drops on this list from place two to five. The brand new preferent stallion was competing on the highest level for years and ended his career with a beautiful win in the Grand Prix of the KWPN Stallion Show.

Young Stallions
The use of young jumper stallions, that are aged up to eight years this year, is rising in the last few breeding seasons. For the first time, two young stallions are leading the ranking. Last year, 41% of the KWPN-registered jumper foals were sired by a stallion with the maximum age of eight, this year that is almost 43%. Besides Poker de Mariposa TN and Jardonnay VDL, Cantona TN (Codex One out of Claudia Z s.Caretano, breeder M. van de Bruggen from Goirle) sired 84 foals, Comthago sired 72 foals and Impressive VDL (Douglas out of Atendri ster pref prest s.Contender, breeder VDL Stud of Bears) was noted as the sire of 63 jumper foals.

Next week, we take a look at the sires of the Gelder horse and harness horse foals born in 2019.

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