Breeding values are a practical help in making your stallion choice, in which the genetical potential of a stallion is bundled. Breeding values are updated every year and with the information collected in 2019, the new breeding values of 2020 are now published. The most important breeding values can be found in the overviews below.

Breeding Values Dressage 2020

Breeding Values jumping 2020

Breeding Values Harness Horses 2020

Breeding Values Gelder Horses 2020

You can find the most important breeding values in these overviews, but also extensive breeding values of the individual characteristics have been set up. These can be found from each individual stallion in the KWPN Database under the heading ‘genetic profile’. Also from mares the breeding values can be found in the KWPN Database, however the breeding values of all horses should have a reliability of minimal 30% to be published online. Carefully select stallions on a certain breeding value? That is possible in the KWPN Database, search with the option ‘Breeding values’.

Jazz lord and master
The preferent Jazz is in the lead again in the group of stallions with the highest reliability, 90% and higher. The stallion that recently passed away has been holding on to the lead for multiple years. In the group of stallions with the second highest reliability (80 to 89%), Jazz-son Westpoint took the lead last year and does that again this year. In second place we see the stallion Bordeaux, who was named keur at the KWPN Stallion Show 2020. Also in the list of stallions with at least 10 offspring in the sport but a reliability lower than 80%, the name of one of Jazz’s approved sons adorns at the top. Just like last year this is the stallion Chagall D&R.

Heartbreaker again
Just like the past couple of years, Heartbreaker is at the top in the group of jumping stallions with the highest reliability. The number of keur and preferent stallions in the top 10 of this group of stallions is big, also Eldorado van de Zeshoek, Arezzo VDL and Zirocco Blue VDL are high on the list. They belong within the elite of preferent stallions since the KWPN Stallion Show 2020. In the group of stallions with a reliability of 80 to 89%, the same stallion as in 2019 is in the lead: Untouchable. With the stallions that have a reliability of below 80%, Bacardi VDL tops the list for the second year in a row.

Harness horse and Gelder horse
For the harness horses a breeding value for the driving sport is calculated. Keur stallion Cizandro is currently in the lead with the stallions that have a reliability of 80% or higher. In the group of stallions with offspring in the sport but a reliability of lower than 80%, Eebert is at the top of the list. The Gelder stallions are arranged in alphabetical order, in contrast to the riding horse stallions they have a breeding value for as well jumping as dressage. W V Saron has the highest breeding value for jumping in 2020, the young stallion Kardieno has a high expectation value in the dressage direction.

Photo Jazz: Dirk Caremans

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