The KWPN keeps a close eye on the situation surrounding the coronavirus outbreak in the Netherlands. We take the utmost care to ensure that our employees and members do not come into contact with the virus. We will of course follow any advice from the government.

The Dutch government has recently tightened up measures to combat the coronavirus. For example, all meetings and events are prohibited until the 1st of June, even when it concerns meetings with fewer than 100 people. This has consequences for the mare inspection season. In any case, all examinations (including home examinations and IBOPs) are prohibited until the 1st of June. Most studbook inspections are planned after that date, but the measures may continue to apply after the 1st of June. The basic principle is that all mares that are offered for this purpose can participate in a studbook recording at a later date, albeit in an adapted form.

Deck Licenses
During the KWPN Stallion Show, a large number of genetically very interesting stallions have been selected for the performance test, which is usually the last route on the way to approval. The stallions are tested in the performance test on their natural aptitude for sport, attitude and character. This aptitude test is a very important part of the selection process. These measures taken by the government make it uncertain whether the spring investigation for the Gelderse and riding horse stallions can continue. The General Board is of the opinion that breeding will not benefit from the fact that the stallions designated in Den Bosch will not be able to cover this year, subject to veterinary agreement. It was therefore decided to grant a breeding license for the stallion and riding horse stallions designated in 2020 that meet the veterinary requirements for the coming breeding season (end date 1st of October 2020). In order to draw a line for all breeding directions, the harness horse stallions that were designated for the autumn performance test in January during the second inspection in Den Bosch will also be licensed until the 1st of October. NB: For all stallions this stud license expires on October the 1st: after this they can qualify for approval via the regular performance test.

Stallions that meet the set requirements obtain a breeding license from the General Board. In the second half of April, the KWPN will publish an overview of the breeding licenses granted, stating the OC breeding value of the riding horse stallions and the WFFS status of the riding horse, harness horse and Gelderland stallions. The offspring of these stallions will be registered in the foal book in 2021. With this decision, the General Board wants to accommodate the various registered stallion owners, but certainly also the breeders.

Note: The spring performance test for the harness horse stallions designated in 2019 has been underway for several weeks. For the time being, these stallions will take their final exams on April 17th, expected to be without an audience.

KWPN service
The KWPN office is closed to visitors immediately until April 6th. In the context of our social responsibility, we allow our employees to work from home as much as possible. However, our services continue unabated. All incoming mail - such as passports and registration certificates - is processed and returned if applicable. You can reach us by email ( and by phone (0341-255555) for all your questions. You can also still contact us for matters such as:

  • Help with registering your foal
  • Transferring horses
  • Request for duplicate
  • Online breeding advice
  • Application for PROK research
  • Request for a genome breeding value study
  • Other common questions
  • In short, we are happy to assist you!



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