A token of appreciation for the KWPN breeders and mutual networking, that is what the Friends of the KWPN stand for. With the nice result that the first breeder premiums were presented at the KWPN Stallion Show at the beginning of this year.

Thanks to the Friends of the KWPN, the breeder's premiums have been revived and several breeders at the KWPN Stallion Show have been surprised with a breeder's premium of at least 1,000 euros. "A very nice gesture to the breeders," said one of the breeders who received a breeder's premium. The connected friends are also enthusiastic. Where one says: "A great initiative that we can do something for the breeders in this way", another also looks at the other side of his participation at Friends of the KWPN: "It is always nice to make new contacts and discuss with each other. The horse world is small and you need each other, together you will get further. "Besides that the Friends of the KWPN make breeder premiums possible, it also offers the friends an opportunity to get in touch with each other and to network.

Friends of the KWPN in numbers
Now that the KWPN Stallion Show has taken place, the first breeder premiums have been awarded and a large number of friends have already joined, we have taken stock. On April 1, 31 friends joined the foundation. At the KWPN Stallion Show no less than 27,000 euros in breeder premiums were awarded. The breeder premiums are an incentive for the KWPN breeders and are awarded to breeders of successful KWPN bred horses. Prior to the KWPN Stallion Show, more premium stallions were assumed, so that the amount awarded was ultimately less than previously estimated. In total, 22 breeder premiums have been awarded, which has put 22 breeders in the limelight!

What now?
In the upcoming weeks, several connected friends of the KWPN will be featured with their company. What kind of company do they have, what motivated them to participate in the Friends of the KWPN and what is their link with the KWPN? Astrid Hoppenbrouwers already gave her side of the story. In addition to the friends of the KWPN, an entirely new promo from the Friends of the KWPN is coming.

Are you interested or have any further questions? Please feel free to visit the general page, contact or by telephone to:

  • Sonja Breure (+316-83178880)
  • Mariëlle van 't Klooster (+316-52237936)

Stay tuned!

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